DIY Project – 8 ways to Reuse OLD CDs


CDs have become so expendable these days we simply take them fresh out of their covers, use them and then consider them of no further appeal. However, there are so many cool ways you can use and re-use old CD’s without them looking unattractive or corny. More often than now, old CDs have a lot of amazing uses that you are certain to appreciate, as you’ll soon learn from this DIY.

CD Coasters

This is the easiest and most attractive reuse of old CDs. Get creative and imaginative and use anything and everything to decorate your CDs. You could stick old wrapping papers on them, or paint them, use strings and ribbons to cover them. You could use some cloth to cover them. All you need is some old CDs, glue or adhesive and craft paper. So what are you waiting for?


CD Coasters2

CD Candle Holders

These CD candle holders steal the show. Use shells you collected from a beach trip or sequins or POP and create attractive designs. You can also paint the CD’s in basic colors and use them for holding your tea light candles.

CD Candle Holder

CD Place Mats

Are you bored of the regular mats that are placed on the dining table for holding hot posts and pans? Try using coasters next time. If you plan to paste stones on your CD, you’d need to first cover it with cloth as stones may not directly stick to the CD surface. Another reason for using stones is their resilience to heat. You won’t have to worry about the hot kettle or pot damaging your DIY place mat either.

CD place mat

CD Room Divider

Small homes often need room dividers to add privacy to the dining area or work station. I, personally, have tried searching for good home dividers that can be hung. This idea has totally impressed me and I am going to start my project soon. You can either paint them in your favorite color on both sides or cover them with paper which would require a little skill to give a neat finish. For connecting them with rings, you’ll need to drill holes with a high speed power drill to avoid any cracks on the surface.

CD Room Divider

CD Earrings Holder

This project seems a tad bit complicated as you will need to drill a number of holes carefully into your CD case. You will also need a CD holder to work as a stand for your earrings holder. If you can get this part right, its going to be a great utility item on your dressing table.

CD Earring Holder

CD Mosaic Photo Frames/ CD Mosaic Mirrors

We all love personalized photo frames or mirrors on the wall. Store bought pieces may burn a hole in your pocket but with this DIY CD mosaic design, you are sure to make the décor item attractive yet inexpensive. For cutting a CD, you ill have to soak it in hot water for a while. Then use your hand or scissor to cut pieces. Paste them on a plain frame or paint a wooden board in your favorite color and create a mosaic design with the CD pieces. Awesome, isn’t it?

Mosaic CD Frames

CD Party Favors

This one is my favorite idea. It struck me while I was compiling this post. Take your old pictures with friends and stick them on old CDs and hand it over to your friends as return gifts or party favors. Whether they remember the food or decorations at the party or not, they are sure to remember you for your creative party favors. Sorry, but don’t have picture for this.

CD Scarecrows

The reflecting surface of CDs are said to work perfectly as scarecrows for your home garden. Just hand CD’s around your plants or in your garden to keep the birds away.

Hope you liked these ideas as much as I did sharing them with you. Do share your opinions and any other ideas you have through your comments.

Happy DIYing!


  1. WOW ! Fantastic Ideas !!! Really great. I liked them all. Will surely try some.

  2. Nice and Creative way to Reuse OLD CD’s..I loved the CD Room Divider and the CD Mosaic Photo Frames

  3. Great ideas! I just cleaned out my closet and have a bunch of really old ones that I was planning to junk!!

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