How To Plan A Christmas Party–Party Ideas, Themes, Games and Decorations


When seeking cool Christmas Party Ideas, be aware of the Feelings behind the season. Think joy, lights, colors and the spirit of giving. Christmas is all about being joyful with what you have and sharing that spirit with others. One of the best ways to do that is to give gifts to friends and family. And the best time to do all of that is when you have a party where they can all gather and have some fun. Here are a bunch of wholesome ideas for Christmas parties, so get started planning your own this holiday season.

Christmas PArty Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas: Budget, Date & Venue

This is a crucial first-step in your Christmas party planning. First see how much you can or want to spend. This will determine everything else that follows in this post guiding you on planning a cool Christmas party. Spread your budget to include all the elements of your party, especially presents, food and drink.

Dates are important, especially when working with a venue that’s somewhere other than your home. If you plan on holding the party at home, you save yourself some expenses. When choosing a venue, though, plan well, set up the date and confirm it with the people at the venue and make sure you put in all the details needed on your Christmas Party Invites.

Christmas Party Ideas: Food & Drink

As long as the food is something all your guests will love, you can have anything on the menu. You can go Oriental, Indian, Western, whatever. Suggestion: try making a little of each and don’t forget a nice big cake, preferable chocolate.

Make sure you have table space for everyone. You can set up the living room, a downstairs bedroom, a balcony, roof and/or an outdoor space to accommodate extras who can take their plates there and munch on without feeling awkward about over-crowding during Christmas meal time.

Drinks are a must-serve. If you can afford a professional bartender they will mix and serve drinks in rather Christmasy styles, if their training has taught them that, and your guests will have a hoot. If it’s only little old you mixing the drinks, use amazing glasses that add to the appeal and set up a decorative Christmas themed bar and you’re all set to wow despite being a non-professional bartender.

Christmas Party Ideas - Food

Christmas Party Themes – General Ideas

There are several different themes that scream Christmas. The most favored of them all is a ‘Holiday Winter Wonderland’ concept that incorporates sparkling stars, snowflakes, festive ice sculptures and other items with plenty of white featuring in it by way of snow. Add some marshmallows around a fire pit, hot chocolate and some frozen martinis and you sure do have yourself a cool Christmas party.

Another theme is Classic Christmas, where you bring out the woody greens of the tree and the characteristic red of the season, along with other familiar elements, which include holly, mistletoe and so on.

You can even be unique and use some entirely different themes. Try not to make them very Halloweenish, because then your party theme for Christmas will be in poor taste. If, however, your theme is vastly different from the more common Christmas themes, use an element or two of the holiday season to instill the idea that your party is one for Xmas.

These elements can include obvious ones, like the Christmas Tree, a Wreath on the entrance door, stockings hanging from the mantelpiece or from another spot in the living-room etc. Less common elements that will bring contrast to your non-Christmas theme can be Santa Claus figurines, bowls of holly, vases with peppermint sticks in them instead of flowers and so on.

Christmas Party Themes For Kids

Willy Wonka Theme: Modeled after the infamous Roald Dahl tale ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’, this theme incorporates bright colors, an eye for imagination, literary appeal and of course chocolates and candy. It gives kids a reason to dress up and have fun re-enacting their favorite Willy Wonka moments, including dressing up as their favorite characters from this memorable Christmas movie. You can even play the movie for them, either the classic version (1971) or the modern one (2005, the one with Johnny Depp in the lead role) or both, depending on what the kids ask for.

Beach Theme: Kids adore beaches and to have this contrasting theme put up in wintertime is a great way to stoke a child’s imagination. Have them dress up well for the cold season, though. The beach theme rests in the layout of the decorations and other general theme elements. Instead of sand, just use common beach items, from kiddy pools to other stuff, fill it up with ice and drinks for adults and keep another beach prop ready with treats, soft toys and gifts for the kiddies.


Christmas Party Themes For Adults

Masquerade Ball Theme: This is a superb way to have your friends and family dress up in their masquerade ball best and come enjoy a feast, down some liquor in elegance and style and have a beautiful time immersed in a theme rich in costume, décor, music, food and drink.

Ugly Jumper Theme: It doesn’t necessarily have to be a jumper or sweater. Just grab something you have never worn in a long while or something you never plan on wearing out in public. The uglier the better, but don’t freak out your friends and family, this isn

‘t Halloween. That said, this is a great way to stand out and indulge in a party idea that’s quite different than most others. It will make for a laughable and memorable idea.

Christmas Party Decorations

Think color and add plenty of Christmas décor ideas like…

  • Banners with appropriate season’s greetings
  • Figurines placed indoors or out in the garden
  • Fake snow
  • Long silver ropes
  • Bulb lights decorating the outdoors of your home as well as certain key locations indoors, not to forget the Christmas tree itself
  • Serving plates with special Christmasy themes and print designs on them that in themselves pose a cool décor idea. Nothing like serving some tasty Christmas treats, pastries and appetizers on such plates. They come in paper throw-away form, plastic and even glass.
  • Ribbons are a great decorating idea for Christmas. The sky’s the limit on how you can use ribbons this holiday season. They can hang from lamps, the Christmas tree, door posts, nails, frames, around gifts of course, around practically anything else, and even simply lying curled in a secure vase or open box to add that ‘overflowing gifty’ feel.
  • Sparkly spheres are awesome Christmas décor ideas. You can place them in safe spots where people won’t accidentally topple them over. They look great under any lighting and reflect light in splendid ways. You can also hang them from the Christmas tree or other hangable locations where they sparkle and shine and do their thing.
  • Buy some stars for hanging around a bulb, the usual or the colored variety. There are several different designs these days, some of which don’t really look like stars at all but still manage to bring out the Christmas Party Spirit. These will make great additions to a theme that’s very different from the more traditional twist.
  • Go for presents that don’t exactly contain anything but serve to enhance a gifting decor idea for the holidays.

You can even come up with grand and creative Christmas party related ideas. Your imagination and holiday budget are your limits. Try leaving balloons out of the picture, but they’re okay if you really want to use them.

Christmas Party Ideas Decor

Once you have bought all the proper decorations and set them up, the next thing you have to prepare for this holiday party time are…

Christmas Party Games – Entertainment, Music & The Obvious

Entertainment is the name of the game. Know your audience, namely the family and friends you’ve invited to your Christmas bash and see what they all like. You can set up a silver screen, buy or rent a projector and play a cool movie, preferably one with a fun Christmas theme you can all enjoy (e.g.: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Jingle All The Way’, to name one of many).

As for music, play a Christmas tune now and then, but spread it apart with a majority of hip and happening songs you and your party crowd will adore dancing to. Film it all for future playbacks and have the best song and dance time ever.

Now, about party games for Christmas… Check these out…

Carol Charades: Instead of using popular movie names and such like, play charades using famous Christmas carols and some that aren’t that well known. You’re sure to have fun figuring out the carol being dramatically enacted by a player.

Person Tree: Groups start decorating a person as a Christmas tree and the group that’s done the best job wins, according to a panel of three or more pre-selected judges.

Xmas Memory Game: Place various Christmas related items on a tray and once you give players a few seconds to memorize the items, take the tray away and see who remembers the most.

Two Truths & A Lie: Players name two Christmas presents they love and one they hate. The twist enters when other players try and figure out which two presents they really like and which is the one present they hate but lied about. A lot of angles and fun game elements can come into this superb Christmas party game.

There are so many Christmas Party Games out there. Seek them out and start playing. Once you have winners be sure to have presents ready to give them by way of prizes. There are more secular games you can play, whether they take place outdoors, or through a favorite video game with LAN set up for you to enjoy at home. You can even fish out some board games or card games that your guests/family/friends will love to play together.

Christmas Party Ideas


Once you’ve settled on an ideal Christmas party theme and you have used all your preferred Christmas party decorations and you have prepared some cool games for Christmas parties, the concluding step will be to design and print out or go buy some Christmas Party Invitations to send to family and friends.

Write to us at Lifestylerr about how your party went or any fun Christmas party ideas that you have. Photographs are most welcome.

Merry Christmas

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