Christmas Gift Ideas Part 1–Gifts for Kids


Christmas Gift Ideas

You’re probably sitting there thinking about Christmas gift ideas for kids. You want to get your sons/daughters or nephews/nieces or your friends’ kids something this Christmas season for all the happiness they have brought to your life. Granted, shopping for kids’ presents can be tough because there are simply too many items and products to choose from.

These days, the little ‘uns you have in mind don’t think so little. They demand modernity, quality and that extra something to complete an ever-growing collection they are probably nurturing. The collection can be action figures or dolls, or anything else under the sun. As you can imagine, getting Christmas presents for kids is going to take some know-how and effort on your part.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Step 1 –

Preliminary Research

You need to know WHO you’re gifting and that doesn’t just mean your own child or a relative’s or a friend’s identity, whether they’re a boy or girl and voila, your work’s done, no way. There’s more to gifting than that. It means you get something based on the kid’s personality and what they want. Don’t go buying a gift you assume is right for them.

Kids grow in so many ways every day and their needs and learning desires change on a consistent basis. This is one of the main reasons you must seriously sit down and figure out what to gift your kids this Christmas season.

  • Going into their rooms and seeing what they are passionate about possessing and following that up with spending on a gift based on guesswork is one simple way to go about the process.
  • It can be even more beneficial to ask them indirectly what they want. You can do this through people close to them or if you can somehow casually get the answer from your child.

There are plenty of ways to do your research and get started gifting them something they absolutely adore.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Step 2 –

Christmas Gifts for Girls & Gifts for Boys

The following gift list is in NO WAY meant to be the only Christmas gift ideas list for kids. You can use these to help you understand how to go about the whole gift shopping process. Some of them fall under the ‘Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Kids’ category while some others will take a little something extra.

Christmas Gift Ideas 

For Boys:

1. Action figures are almost always a favorite choice. These mostly include superheroes and related collectibles.

Speaking of which, you can also get your kids movie merchandise and memorabilia, from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings to most anything else they have shown a liking for. Most movie merchandise has items like character based action figures, detailed sculptures of objects and places that appear in the movie and also more fun stuff like Lightsaber chopsticks, bobble heads based on famous characters and so on.

Make sure you choose their favorites in both types.

2. Sports related toys and/or products are quaint elements that work almost every time. For instance, if your teen is interested in, say, basketball, try getting them something cool along those lines. Make sure you get them something they have been waiting for a long time, or may not be able to afford with their allowance or paycheck from part time work.

Sports related toys generally include bicycles, roller blades, roller boards, footballs (either the black-and-white one or the American version, namely a Rugby ball), tennis/shuttle racquets and so on. Swim wear and sports accessories are also cool choices.

3. For the music lover, keep the same ideas as the sporty suggestions earlier and get them something they will adore. This will be a slightly more expensive gift idea, because you may be inclined to get your child a new state of the art drum kit, an amazing electric guitar and so on.

Ask help at the store so you don’t make a mistake getting an instrument whose technical specifications are different from what your child is looking for.

Since we’re on the topic of music, you can even gift him albums of his favorite bands, or even technology he can use to listen to his tunes, like an iPod or mp3-player (although he will appreciate the more modern iPod).

4. Lego, Nerf, Hasbro, Mattel and a bunch of other mainstream brands have cool Christmas gifts selections for kids, so check them out both online and in stores. Once you have an extensive range of gifts to choose from, pick the one(s) you know he will love and be able to use and gain inspiration from and you’re all set.

5. Nobody said a Kindle E-Reader Tablet is a bad thing for a child who loves to read and read plenty. Books do indeed have their appeal too, so know which ‘type’ your kid wants and get him that.

Christmas Gift Ideas

For Girls:

It’s slightly tricky shopping for girls, because they can often be too specific on the gifts they want. You’ll also find your budget for Christmas gifts for girls is loftier than those for boys.

1. Dolls and girly-cute figurines are a huge hit with little ladies. They love to make believe and play as if they were grown-ups, using dolls to help maintain the ‘scene’. They may even want to bring their girlfriends home to join in the game.

All this means you get your little princess something she probably doesn’t have in her collection. Make sure it’s of great quality. You can even try surprising her with a doll she may have lost or has in a damaged state. Getting a brand new one of that same doll will make her day.

2. Kitchen and home related toys are another cool gift idea for little girls who like that sort of thing. ‘Easy Bake Ultimate Oven’ is one example of this toy type. On the other hand…

3. There are girls who like toys and collectibles that you may peg as something boys will like better. Don’t dissuade her, little girls with plenty of ambition often choose rough-tough, sporty, outdoorsy and tomboyish toys. Encourage her and she will grow to be a confident young lady, possessing elegance and grace.

4. Music has long become a favorite among young girls. Getting her technology she can use to listen to her playlists or buying her an album of her cherished band and so on will go a long way in her book. (You’ll have read something similar for boys.)

5. Also on a similar note to what you read for Christmas gifts for boys, getting your girl a Kindle E-Reader is a great idea, unless she prefers actual print-and-bound books. So, choose smart.

Girls mature much faster than boys do, so getting her a Christmas gift she can use over the long term will be an awesome idea, if you can find out what she likes and see if she will go on liking that idea/ambition/toy-inspiration for a couple years at least.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas: Step 3 –

Wrapping, Wording & Wowing

This is actually not an easy step to follow for most people. Simply covering a present up and tying a makeshift bow on it doesn’t send a very good message. Since you’re probably gifting your child something in person, here are a few tips…

1. Choose wrappers that compliment the gift inside. It will help aid in the wow factor as he or she opens up their present(s).

2. Don’t forget ribbons! They bring that magical touch to a gift-wrapped Christmas present that no other gifting accessory can manage to pull off.

3. Have your words go on a Christmas card. Choose a funny or sentimental one, based on the personality of the child you’re gifting. Don’t write too much on the card, because they’re probably excited to open their presents. They will also remember your wishes better if you keep it sweet and simple.


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