How To Make A GIF Image in 4 steps


  Gif images are awesome! Making gif images is not only easy it’s a lot of fun. The main aim of creating an ‘image’ that also behaves like a video is so you relive that specific moment from your footage and use it for hilarious, serious, impactful or casual purposes.

2013’s Top 13 Tech Blogs


  Conveying the importance of a certain tech product or talking about technology in all its amazing glory can be very hard to do without sounding complicated. The temptation to spout all ranges of jargon and sound super-smart without actually communicating any sense to someone else can be hard to balance out.

Google Nexus 4 review–The “living with” experience


  So here I am, continuing from where I left off. Well its been four days and I haven’t got enough of my Google Nexus 4. There is so much you can do with this beast that a popular forum on android development xda developers is already overflowing with threads on various tweaks and enhancements […]

My pursuance For the greatest android


  It was a boring afternoon that day and I was preparing for a siesta after lunch. Suddenly I heard the bell ring and when I opened the door, there was this courier guy with a small package for me. That day in the morning I had enquired with a shipping company about a package […]

Laptop-oscopy – Dust Removal Surgery


Cleaning your laptop can be quite tricky and dangerous to your machine if you do it wrong. Why clean it at all, you ask? Well, if you’re okay with paying a few hundred bucks to a service center to do something as ridiculously easy as dusting the inside of your laptop, go right ahead.

The Vibe Of Viber—The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


The Good Viber is an exciting way to communicate these days. When I first tried it I was on cloud nine. I’m the guy who forgets to top up his phone and, I admit, I am a bit lazy to go do so. When I found an app that got me the chance to stay […]

Voice Guided GPS Navigation for Google Maps in India


Google India through their official YouTube page have hinted today that they will very soon be launching  Turn-by-Turn voice guided navigation for their Google Maps App for Android phones in India. This has come as a bonus for India as this feature is available in only very limited countries. The service hasn’t gone up yet, […]

How to Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone


With smartphones and tablets penetrating deep into our life-style, it has become very difficult for most of us to stay away from our phones. We need to check our mails, chat with friends, update our status on Facebook, share photos, read news, listen to music and do so many things. But still we expect our […]