Can You Pull Off Pointed Footwear?


It has nothing to do with costumes where people don the craziest pointy toed footwear ever seen. I’m talking about normal footwear that people use to style up everyday. This is where it gets interesting.

For Men

Men have to do some specific shopping where pointy shoes are concerned. You can’t buy them too tight around the toe area because that will 100% distort your walk and make it something rather unappealing.

Pointed Footwear For Men

When you shop for pointy shoes, be sure to see how they match your legs. Yes, your legs, not your body, not your clothes but the pants you’re wearing. Baggy or loose fitting pants and pointy shoes are the worst-case scenario. They look, for lack of a better word, ugly.

A slender dude with lean fitting jeans and a pair of properly sized pointed shoes can wow the crowd. If you trim a nice design for your beard, you could look even more awesome.

For Women

Ladies can’t go wrong. Pointies in this department are indeed for older women and young ladies, not girls. It’s too mature a choice for girls, you see.

When next you go shopping for pointed shoes, choose your colors properly. Your skin tone and the color of those pointy shoes can go a long way to making people stop and stare, in the good sense or the bad.

Pointed Footwear for Women

Imagine sleek black pointed heels for a pant that falls evenly to your ankle. As you can imagine, even though the pant is formal and loose fitting, it looks chic on women.

Jeans are an excellent match-up choice for colorful pointed kitten heels or flats. For branded footwear, dress sexy and you are sure to stand out.

Pointy toed shoes and heels draw the line between sexy and not. Be sure to pick out the right color, shape, and design. It doesn’t end there. Make extra certain they match your outfit, because pointy shoes are one type of accessory that should never stand out on their own. They then becomes the center of awkward focus—‘oh look how pointy those shoes are’ ; ‘ooh, those look wacky’. See what I mean?

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