Brand Review: John Jacobs – The Last Word In Eyewear


You’ve got to wear it to see it, and you must see it to believe it. John Jacobs is the name you need to remember if you’re going shopping for any sort of eyewear, from spectacles to shades. They give you a Kodak lens package FREE with every eyewear purchase, which is essentially a take-care kit that runs into the 2000’s (INR) if you were to buy their products separately. JJ has some of the best stock of eyewear you’ll ever find both online (on their web-store) as well as on site. JOHN JACOBS is a premium eyewear brand bringing quality eyewear at rebellious prices.

John Jacobs Sunglasses

Our Buddy, LensKart

Partnering exclusively with eye-giant LensKart, John Jacobs has planted a seed of its own powerful statement in all their stores. As I mentioned before you need to see the variety to believe it and yes you can try it before you buy it. When I headed to their official site, specifically – and I’m not joking when I confirm this next part – JJ lets you order something and wear it right there at home when it’s delivered to you (the delivery person is asked to wait). At no cost, you get to choose five frames to try; JJ calls it the Home Trial.

You can see what suits you, dress up even and check yourself out with five different frame designs and the ideal lens-power you selected online, and fill in a simple form to say ‘I want this one’. You can conclude the deal yourself or an executive does it for you. Now THATS’S VIP treatment and I didn’t even go to the store.

You’re probably wondering what I myself was wondering when I went through this experience. Who are these people and how is their business not running into loss (thanks to such hi quality being sold at such affordability)? Armed with the dream to merge style and practicality and make it open to everyone, John Jacobs derives its name from two legends known for their contribution to style and science, namely John Lennon and John ‘Jacob’ Bausch respectively. The former, as we all know, is one of the most celebrated singers of all time and the latter is the renowned founder of Bausch & Lomb.

As for their glowing market success, JJ has done what we all should at some point in out lives, cut out the middlemen. It makes things much more cost-effective seeing as how JJ now deals directly with their customers. They design it, manufacture it, advertise it and sell it, period. To check out their products, drop in at any Lenskart store in your city.

New Materials

There’s a design for everyone, but bear in mind that JJ’s excellence goes beyond just visual appeal. Handmade Italian acetate and titanium make for durable and stylish frames. This sits well with JJ’s revulsion for all things plastic, which is awesome. There’s more info on their site but I’d love to draw your attention to, and I quote:

‘In our effort to stay ahead on the innovation curve, we have invented two newer materials – TR 90 and Ultem. While Ultem has the perfect blend of strength and flexibility, TR 90 is delightfully light and comfortable’.

New designs are one thing but to make new materials, now that’s what I call commitment. They do indeed use the highest-grade materials, including ULTEM, TR-90 etc.

With appreciative warranty offers (3-year for general eyewear and 1-year for the coating on their 1.61 index polycarbonate lenses) you can imagine the vast possibilities of perfection, excellence and fashion galore sourcing from the dedicated halls of John Jacobs.

Sun Protection

Their products are light, slim ( their MR-8 lenses are 25% slimmer than normal ones), scratch- and reflective-proof (courtesy KLAR MR-8 lenses), and JJ has the only lenses in the world that provide UV-400 protection in addition to HD clarity of sight and a high refractive index. This makes John Jacobs the front liner for optical and sun-wear solutions for every need, form, fashion, function and durability.

I don’t know about you but I think it’s not half bad to take up glasses. Head to the site, create your account, learn more about this dreamy brand and don’t forget to give that Home Trial a shot. It’ll be sure to put a gleam in your JJ-framed eye.

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