Book Review – Bloodline by James Rollins


Continuing in the fine tradition of his mega-bestselling Sigma series with protagonist Commander Grayson Pierce playing his fictional roles to stunning perfection, James Rollins has maintained his gold standard in this latest novel in the installment.


When I ordered "Bloodline" off Flipkart, I thought it could well be one of those books that will pale in comparison to the author’s previous work in the same genre and category. However, I was as pleased as a dog with a bone to read this action adventure ‘super-book’ because it was equivalent to some of his other awesome stories, "Black Order", "Map of Bones", "The Judas Strain" and the rest of the gang.

Brilliantly narrating the action sequences of a trained covert ops professional and his field dog (former Army Ranger Captain Tucker Wayne and his military war dog, Kane), the latter of which I most enjoyed, James never ceases to thrill your soul. Not only did the story take me through a world of Somali pirates and the way they work in modern day, James superbly unravels US Government conspiracies, an ambitious architectural undertaking in Dubai, curious patterns, secret societies and information concerning a certain bloodline whose roots are said to exist even today.

One of my favorite things about Rollins is he mentions fact from fiction at the end of the book and that in itself is a mind-blowing way to conclude a novel. I absolutely enjoyed checking out his references and learning more than I bargained for.

Using his flair for uprooting strangely common but shocking historical facts and weaving them into a story filled with intrigue, action, suspense and some of the best plot-driven timing I’ve ever read, every page of "Bloodline" had me gasping, wide eyed, breathless, shifting in my seat and forcing myself to use that bookmark for when reality came calling.

At the end of the day I can honestly say if "Bloodline", James Rollins’s latest in the Sigma series, is this awesome then I can’t begin to fathom how stupendously incredible his next book is going to turn out, "The Eye Of God" which releases sometime in June 2013 but will arrive in the Indian market a couple of months later (I’m guessing this last fact from prior experience).

All I know is I’ll be ready to grab a copy for when "The Eye Of God" book arrives in stores here. James Rollins, rock on, you’re too cool for words!

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