Belt Up! – 6 Fashion Quick-Fixes Using Belts for Women and Girls

Stylish belts

You think you’re ready to go out—somewhere, anywhere, doesn’t matter. You’re about to run out the door, wrestling with your keys so you can lock up, shouting to the hubby, ‘Hurry up, Frank!!!’ and then comes the mirror. Somehow you have scratched your head earlier and ruffled your hair, your dress suddenly doesn’t look like a good idea to wear out and all sorts of beauty and fashion issues leap into your face.

Panic Sets In

Since this post can deal with only one of your problems at a time let’s imagine you get your hair and makeup fixed while your hubby is waiting in the car, honking like crazy as if to shout ‘Hurry up, Celia!!!’. You adjust your dress in all the right places, get some accessories on or take some off and still feel something is missing. That waist of yours sure could do with some highlighting, can’t it?

Your Answer

Belts are the game changers, coming to your fashion rescue. The best thing about them is they…

  • balance your upper and lower bodies
  • add curve, and
  • you can tie them on the run.

Pants are the conventional choice for belts but nobody said anything against mid-body beauty through belts when you’re wearing a pretty dress.

6 Fashion Quick-Fixes Using Belts…

For Pants, Jeans & Shorts

Scarf Belt

Idea 1 – Sashaying With Sashes & Scarves

This idea is most useful when you have no idea what belt to pick and slip on or where your stash of newly cleaned belts is kept at the moment. All you need do is find a good sash or scarf , check if the color goes with the rest of your outfit—get a bright one for dark clothes and a dark one for bright clothes—and slip it on through your pant/jeans loops.

Tie a simple delicate knot and let the rest dangle from the side of your hips or rest along your thighs. You’ll be sure to wow with this idea, especially when walking or standing in windy areas where the sash/scarf will flutter in that enchanting way they do.

Sash belt and scarf belts are by far the fastest belts you can tie on, taking all of 15 seconds at the end of which you’ll look rather attractive.

chain belts

Idea 2 – Chain Linker

You must have seen these available in stores. Chain belts they call them because all they are made of are chains linked together. They go superbly well with jeans, bringing that sexy dominant aura to play about you.

On the other hand they add such contrast to formal pantaloons, especially those with wide hems near your feet. There will almost always be a dangler on these chains that look rather feminine when left to hang from your hips.

Chain link belts are pretty fast to don as long as you make sure you don’t snag them on anything, from nails to other attire pieces.

beaded belt

Idea 3 – A Beady Affair

There are some nice thin belts that come designed with beads. These will take you a little longer to slip on compared to the other two detailed above. Say, a minute to put on and adjust so the beads can be displayed to best effect and sit well through the loops of your pants/jeans.

It’s best bead-belts don’t have danglers attached. Otherwise they feel imbalanced when you walk (especially after an hour wearing them). They also tend to feel unwieldy because beads have a nasty habit of getting caught in everyday items.

When that happens they take away from the ‘main look’, which rests around the loops and makes you look ultra-feminine. So no danglers, just a bead belt to go around your jeans/pant loops.

For Dresses, Skirts & Salwars

broad belt

Idea 4 – Curvy Cues

These waist belts are thick, with sexy broad designs that hug your abdomen completely and, like shape-wear, bring out that beautiful feminine curve around the bust-waist-hip area.

Waist belts are almost like putting on actual clothes. Just grab, set it against your outer dress in front and hook it at the back, that’s it. Don’t cinch it too tight or you will look lopsided, especial as the day wears on. Once you have them on, jiggle ‘em about a little so you experience no unwanted ‘grips and pinches’ later on in the day.

These mature choices enhance your dress style and bring out your shoulders and earrings to great effect.

rope belt

Idea 5 – Rope Wrap

These look exactly as the name suggests. They’re fabric-based or rope-based belts that are sold in diverse designs, colors and textures that add sensual earthy beauty to your overall look.

They are so freakishly easy to wear. Get your dress on, tie a knot of the rope-wrap around your waist and just let it hang there. This ease is what makes them great for evening as well as day wear.

If you’ve got on the right dress to go with this kinda belt you can be sure you’ll turn heads as you walk.

Jazzy belt

Idea 6 – Some Jazzy Glitz

These are the femme-fatales of the belt world. They’re shiny, reflective, crowded with bejeweled beauties and are 100% guaranteed to catch eyes and make you look like a star.

There are jazzy belts for pants and very different ones for dresses, so since we’re under the topic of ‘dress-belt combos’ it’s best you find the one that adds lady-like elegance not girl-rock-star dominance. Leave the latter for some killer jeans.

As far as variety goes these belts have it best. The colors and refraction-appeal alone are sure to look awesome, highlighting your curves while exuding a confident yet girly sense of poise, seduction and fun.

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