AskMe App Review–The Baap of all Apps


As apps go, practicality and an attractive display are more than enough to carry it through to success. When Askme came on the scene, I found it rather interesting in the sense that it was something similar to Google but dedicated to shopping. Let me explain. Check out this first screenshot I took when I downloaded and consequently opened Askme in my smartphone.

AskMe App Review


I was a tad bit annoyed to see advertisements here and there – god knows we see them all over the place – but then I found I was mistaken. The so-called ads were actually features Askme had in store for its users. If I were a business owner, I’d have much loved to take advantage of the ‘post an ad’ option (check screenshot). On an entirely different hand, if I had something to sell (after it met the proper conditions, of course) I could ‘post a deal’ of my own. Their call option and a link to videos are cool. The latter gave me all the orientation I needed for this app and its many features.

That’s the practicality I was referring to. It took trade and social networking to a whole new level. Look out ebay, Askme has some neat competitive ideas up its sleeve.

Okay, let’s get down to business. I typed ‘wallets’ in the ‘I’m looking for’ search space and, ignoring locality altogether, hit search. Here’s what I got…

AskMe App ReviewsAskMe App Review

Now, don’t be alarmed by the glaring ‘no results found’ page under the ‘ASKME’ tab. The coolest feature of this app is in the ‘DEALS’ section, which is where I migrated to.

Perusing all those deals made me wonder why shopping sites online were getting so much traffic. The devil is in the deals, apparently. With some remarkable discounts and details that quite simply make you smile, I clicked on one wallet to check out more.

AskMe App Reviewclip_image010

It gave me all that I needed to know about the offer or deal, how long it was going to last (validity), where it was in effect (in this case, any city), and it provided a neat picture and description to help me make up my mind. Suffice to say I wanted to download the coupon code and make the purchase.

I did indeed scroll down to check out all the related deals for Foligno, this wallet I had my eye on. I at first expected to see other sellers offering marginally lower discounts but I was truly impressed to note that the related deals included entirely different products.

AskMe App Deals

This is amazing to me because now I needn’t have to keep rushing back and forth through app-page after app-page just to explore and shop. I could move between categories and interests in a rather consistent fashion.

I love the Askme app. I think other e-stores should emulate something like this. I feel Askme is setting a standard for deals shopping everywhere. It’s sure to save time and money for all of us who are addicted to shopping on the go.

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