As Beautiful As Her Work–My Mother



It is often the case that the common and simple things in the world are overlooked when speaking of greatness. Yet it is through such simple sources that true glories are born. Take the instance of a certain housewife named Mrs. Shanthi Anand living in Chennai. While her early married life brought many a happy moment Life, as we all know it, threw a fresh set of challenges her way.

It saw to Shanthi going through a massive betrayal and disappointment phase in her life from people closest to her. With two children to protect and a third on the way she confirmed how a mother’s instinct can indeed be a powerful tool. One smart decision after the next—choices she’ll admit she can’t have thought up in more ordinary circumstances—had her family and her on secure footing until…

Financial troubles followed and for more than thirteen to fourteen years she found ways to use what resources were available to keep the family going, and that included her jewelry. She immersed herself into the complex world of Real Estate to try and see smooth financial sailing.

Health was an issue as well. Her body aged and as with all such states it ushered in physical fatigue and weakness, leading Shanthi along the treacherous lanes of high blood pressure, fever and muscle pains. There were even times when she went about carrying out important document-related work to secure her children’s future while going through the rigors of fevers and the trials of backaches, from taking up a job or two and when those didn’t quite work out moving back into realty.

Being kind to everyone around her and with an independent streak that makes her beloved by her family and friends Shanthi also found herself in situations where the will to go on living became hard to wield and the mistakes and ignorance of her past came back repeatedly to haunt her.

Through it all this simple housewife, you could call her, went about performing the impossible and not knowing it. Even odder is the fact that a working housewife of her type with all the life-balancing, personal sacrificing, losses, heartaches and more didn’t know that there were so many other housewives just like her.

This one woman, true as can be, worked in a slowly progressing real estate market, used what she learned of financial management and kept food on the table in more times than can be counted and proved the power inside women to do anything no matter their age or where they’re from so they can live to see their children secure and happy, especially from the likes of external forces attempting to break familial solidarity.


Housewives are, in this blogger’s personal opinion, the toughest workers around, so to speak.

Having always had a penchant for stain-glass painting and other artistic work related to the use of glass and colors, Shanthi has found a market for her work. You can honestly see the calm and joy it brings to her demeanor as she sits at her work desk and creates magnificent frames of art which she recently learned is a potential marketable product, watched on by her fourth and youngest child, a daughter.

At first nobody can tell this is the same woman who went through decades of suffering and was coming close to an answer only in recent days, an answer to all her woes and tribulations. Nobody can even start to think where she got the strength to be so patient, keep dark memories to herself while still smiling, dressing up and showing the world she was happy, independent and strong.


Nobody can tell any of those things at first sight. All they’ll see in my mother is a shy but confident woman of fifty-five whose work ethic, personally developed management skills, drive and determination can only find reflection in the eyes of thousands of other housewives who make the word ‘corporate’ seem weak.

And there she sits, going on with her stain-glass painting, adding a decorative jewel here, a novelty diamond there and taking bold liquid colors to their respective outlines, looking like a goddess weaving a world into existence. Here is a woman creating art as beautiful and diverse as herself, and not knowing how many lives she changed by working in a realm where gratitude is rare.

This is my entry for the Mia by Tanishq Contest.

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