Are you anxious about your travel plan?


Travelling to unknown location and far off countries is a very exciting thing to do only if you have planned it well. Not all of us are good explorers who can live with surprises at all times. We can only call it a good holiday if it is well planned and goes as we expect it to be. Of course, everybody likes good surprises, but not the ones where you might be left stranded in an unknown place or the promises that were made had not been fulfilled.

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There are simple ways to plan your holidays well in advance so that your expectations are fulfilled and you don’t end up spending time with yourself only. Bus travel is a great option but ensure that you opt for online bus ticket booking as it is convenient and reliable just like your air or rail bookings. These days bus bookings too come with holiday packages and when travelling across India, SVR travels is one popular option.

Once you have selected a destination, make a full note of the main attractions and areas you wish to cover within the time duration you have. Don’t leave the choice of places to be visited with the travel agency or bookie. You may ask for an advice but the final decision should always be yours.

Check out the total travel time verses the actual destination visit. A lot of time what happens is we end up spending all the time travelling and the ultimate purpose to spend some time in a particular destination is compromised. Also it is not worth travelling very far from your home destination if the place is not worth that.

Ticketing needs to be done carefully to make sure that the arrival time at the destination is convenient. Also, one needs to find out if the destination has any specific medical insurance policies so that the paperwork can be done in advance. If you have a bus or car travel then the convenience, number of people travelling with you and break points should be well informed. I have usually opted for KPN Travels when I travelled down south as they offered the most competitive rates at that time.

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Eating healthy while travelling is extremely important. If you are on for a trekking or hiking or bike tour then your body needs to be fit. You also need to take care of your basic supplies for Camping and rafting if you are planning to do so.

Shopping is another motive for travel. And it is very important to find out about the hot spots of shopping even before you reach a particular place. Local guides can be misleading at times and direct you to places where they can earn commissions. So it is better to do a research beforehand. Conversion of currency amounts should also be clear.

Lastly, check out on your hotel facilities and how far will you have to travel to reach nearby city attractions. The hotel should be conveniently accessible and centrally located to meet all your needs.

With these things in place, you are sure to have a wonderful time at any destination you visit. Also, welcome the surprises or shocks if any with a smile. Often uncertain things or episodes can teach you a lot and take you through a wonderful experience. So always keep the holiday mood on!


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