BhaktiWhen I completed my Masters in HR, I never thought that one day I would have my own blog. In fact, I remotely knew what blogs were. So how did I land here?

From the time I have become Bhakti Sharma from Bhakti Paun, I have been on the move almost every other year. Adapting to a new place is not easy but it has taught me how to utilize whatever opportunities I have in the new place. 2 years back when we moved to Payyanur, Kerala, I had no option but to be homemaker by force. But that’s not me. I wanted to explore some options and stared surfing the internet for Work from Home opportunities. That’s how I was introduced to content writing and today after 2 years and 2 months, I finally have my own blog. Feels great!

I still freelance (my eLance profile) and for the past few years I have written on any and every topic on the planet. This is also one of the reasons I came up with a portal and not just a niche blog. I want to write about so many different things and share my experiences through Lifestylerr. Here, you will find an interesting assortment of write-ups and some offbeat ones too.

That’s just me. I like doing different things and I do each of them with the same passion and fervor. I am a total foodie and love cooking too. I also enjoy DIY projects and whenever I can spare time, I try making something for my home.

I have always wanted to design a beautiful home, give styling tips to people, share recipes, travel stories, my opinion on different issues (excluding politics) and I think Lifestylerr is one place where you will see the vivacious and enthusiastic Bhakti.

Hope you all enjoy reading the content on this portal as much as I am enjoying posting it. Your suggestions and ideas regarding new topics that you wish to read about are always welcome!

Happy Reading!