8 Web 2.0 Sites We Still Can’t Ignore


“Hi, are you on Twitter?”

“Yeah I am, but I suppose you won’t be able to find me as there are many people who share the same name as I do. Take my e-mail ID and then search.”

“Did you happen to celebrate your birthday at the mall? I saw your pictures on Facebook the other day.”

In the recent era, social networking websites, more famous as “social media” websites have been tossed around in our lives like a football. In the past times where the communication means were limited to ham radio and telephone – today, social media websites have taken their place for good. With the advent of social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and a lot of other ones, people are moving towards the world that is based more on web and technology. Just by “join my network”, “like my page” and “follow me”, people can bag in various opportunities that can give them multiple benefits.

Apart from staying connected with your peeps, social media websites are growing bigger and wider than what they were founded as. By that, I mean the involvement of these sites in the world of blogging and internet marketing. But you already know that, don’t you.

As a blogger, I believe that besides the social networking sites you must make sure that you use the other websites too in such a way that it can bring your blog a decent amount of traffic. Yes, you read it right! By using these websites, you can easily attract traffic once it is done in a proper way.

Since you already know about the social networks that can be used to attract traffic to your blog, I have compiled a list of other websites that you cannot ignore if you want to generate traffic for your blog.



Sometimes abbreviated as SU, StumbleUpon is one of the most efficient social bookmarking website that coordinates with the content you ‘Stumble On’. Founded in 2001, StumbleUpon has been striving to maintain its position well in front of the social media heritage. Just by clicking “thumbs-up”, the website you’re surfing will become the favorite of that particular user and vice versa.



One of the best entertainment and social news website, Reddit exists in the community with its own meaning. Reddit exists amongst us, providing us notable social media news. However, this site is different from the current social media websites as the primary motive provided is the credible and popular information that is posted there.



Formerly known as Del.icio.us.com, Delicious.com is another famous social bookmarking service that shares, discovers and stores web bookmarks. Delicious.com allows its users to group link with the identical topics that can be gathered from the “stack”.



By using Squidoo, you can access the web pages that you have used to make links. The benefit will be that these created links will help you make cash as the links will be a bridge between you and your client.



Slashdot, also written as /. is a US owned website that beeps us about all technology news. This “News for Nerds” website includes all user-submitted news and current affairs about tech and science stuff. So if you’re the tech-savvy one, you shouldn’t be missing out this site because the “Slashdot effect” is taking the community by storm!



Owned by the Xango Inc., Xanga is that social networking and blogging forum that has 40 million members in loop. You can do video + audio blogging, photo blogging, web logging and also have your own personal profile all under one roof.



If you have any questions related to any social media query, then bebo.com is the right bell to ring. Through Bebo.com, you can view the common social media website functions. These functions will allow you to link your blogs with them.



Have you ever thought about making a video about your blog and then sharing it on YouTube? If not, then think now, because this step can bring you the type of success that no other platform holds. Make an introductory video about your blog and share it amongst your peers by uploading it on YouTube. Drop your blog’s link in the end and here you go: your work is done!

Whether you like it or not – whether you accept it or not, but it is a known fact that these websites have reshaped our world and will continue doing it for good in 2013 as well. To generate traffic for your blog, implementing wise and clever decisions by using these websites will guard your blogging-life in the best possible way.


  1. Hi Bhakti,

    Indeed, one cannot ignore such websites and technology. I must confess, I recently discovered the joys of reddit and stumbleupon.
    Thanks for sharing this info with us :)


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  2. This was very helpful. I have been extensively using StumbleUpon and Squidoo, but was not aware of others few. Thanks for a nice share! Keep writing!

  3. And Orkut, MySpace, and Google+? ;)

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