6 Simple DIY projects – Reuse Hangers

I am a big fan of DIY projects. But I expect these “Do-it- Yourself” ideas to be simple. I recently came across a lot of spare hangers when I was spring cleaning my wardrobe. Not that I am falling short of clothes but there is shortage of space in the wardrobe. Since the hangers were in a perfect state, I didn’t feel like giving them away. Google comes to rescue whenever I am in such dilemma.

While searching ideas for reusing old hangers, I came across quite a few DIY project ideas. Though I have not implemented all of them, I intend to do so soon.

Idea 1:

flip down

Hanging or storing clothes – now that’s what hangers are used for. Why not use them to hang something else. All you need to do is place them upside down. You can place these in your bathroom. Use the hook as a towel holder and place the hand towel on the actual hanger. If you have colorful hangers, it will definitely bring your bathroom to life.

Use these upside down hangers in your living room, to hang your keys or other accessories. The hook replaces all your key-holders or any other individual hooks.

Idea 2:

Glove hanger

Are you tired of stuffing your gloves and socks in some box? Do you have trouble finding the other pair of socks or glove from the pile? Here’s how you can use hangers for storing these items. You will need a few clothespins or clips for this. Place the hanger on the door of your wardrobe. Now clip in the clothespins to the base and your job is done. Now all you need to do is clip socks or gloves to these pins.

Idea 3:

Magazine hanger

Did you imagine that your hangers could store magazines or newspapers too? Place a hanger on your door and hang your magazines and newspapers on it. Awesome isn’t it. Now these items will not keep lying all around the house.

Idea 4:

Letter holder

You can also use the hangers for storing your letters or small items like mittens or oven gloves. The picture explains how. You can use any spare cloth or thick paper for making the holder. Using cloth will make it more durable. Also, just sew it a bit and your holder is ready.

Idea 5:

sunglass holder

Another interesting item you can store on your hangers is your sunglasses or spectacles. This hanger makes a great display item too.

Idea 6:

scarf organizer

Use it as a scarf hanger but in a different style. Use some shower curtain rings to insert in the hanger. Then use each ring as a separate scarf holder. Not only will it create a colorful display but it’s easy to just slip in scarves in it.

Image Credit: sfgirl, homemadesimple, bhg, scraphacker


  1. Idea No. 3 & 5 is something new to me.

  2. Awesome ideas….excited to implement them. Will keep an eye on this section. Keep up this awesome endeavor of yours!!!

  3. Idea 5 rocks !!!!!

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