6 Detoxification Tips To Follow After Diwali

Now I know most of us will have binged enough before and during Diwali and the fun may still continue for a day or two afterwards. Festivals are synonymous to partying and indulging and I personally hate to follow a diet plan during this season (that’s the same feeling I get all year round too) Smile with tongue out

Diwali sweets

Coming to the point, you needn’t restrict yourself from enjoying the festivities whether it is through good food, shopping, partying or anything else. What is important is to do it all in moderation coz then you won’t really need to follow any detoxification plans. For those who have over-indulged, here are some tips for a self detox after the festive Diwali season:

1. Drink Plenty of Water: This has been repeated umpteen times in all my health and weight loss posts and I say it here again. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day and count to make sure you have gotten the right number. Water will help flush out almost all the toxins from your system, so don’t cheat yourself.

2. Sip Some Green Tea: Most of us don’t really enjoy the core flavor of green tea but let’s accept the fact, namely that it works great for detoxification and cleansing. So consume it like some medicine for a couple of weeks. Two cups a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, will make a lot of difference and you will feel the change too.

3. Get Exercising: I have skipped my exercise routine for more than 2 weeks now (maybe more). The festive season has come and gone, so slip into those running shoes and go for a brisk walk or run. At least start with this exercise. Gradually move on to sit-ups and other exercises to tone the body. Cycling is a good option. There’s quite some time left until Christmas if you want to indulge again, so get started working out now.

4. Refuse Sugar: Yes. You read it right. Say no to sugar for a week and by ‘No’ I mean, not even half a spoon. It may seem like punishment for some of you but if you are really looking forward to detoxification, this is a must-do step. If you crave desserts, eat fruit salad or mix fresh fruits with curd and enjoy it, it’s a lot like fresh cream and fruits. The first two days may be difficult, especially after all the sweets you’ve gobbled down the past few days, but the rest of the week will be a cake walk (oops! sorry for reminding you of that :P)

Detox food

5. Foods To Try: I hope you didn’t think that this detoxification plan meant starving yourself half to death. You can eat good food and at regular intervals. Just ensure that it’s not oily or fried. Include fresh vegetables and salads in your daily meals. Fat free yogurt and daals need to be a vital part of your meals. Since cereals are hard to digest, don’t mix them in. Don’t eat rice and rotis in the same meal. You could include rice at lunch and have rotis during dinner. Avoid red meat for a couple of weeks for a complete detoxification. Eat every two hours so that you don’t crave unhealthy foods.

6. Pamper yourself: If possible visit a spa or salon. Pampering yourself is also a sort of indulgence and if you are giving up on sinful foods, you might give your body something special instead. A nice spa treatment or massage will make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. After all, you’ve had a hectic schedule during the festive season and a little relaxation will definitely boost the detox process, reduce stress and get you feeling healthy and happy again.

Start today and feel fresh!

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