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Texting girls

There’s a well known technique to texting but one that’s badly followed. The essence of texting is communication through the typed word and when you have a girl on the other end of the chat-line, be it Facebook, your phone (through normal sms, software like WhatsApp, Viber or WeChat) or any other chat client the rules of texting are simple.

On following rules for the best sms to impress a girl you end up making quite the impact on your would-be date or romantic partner in ways you never thought possible.

Your aim should be anchored on one goal… You’re communicating with her, your girl, and so need to behave as though you’re actually there. The trick to impressing girls through texting is to keep the conversation well balanced and catering to their sentiments. Here’s how…

Rule 1 – Respondez S’il Vous Plait

In case you’re thinking your mind has skipped to a European channel that’s only French for "Reply, please". This is the cardinal rule of texting. Granted, guys get busy and they may have several legitimate reasons why they haven’t responded to a text from their girl. But she doesn’t know what your reasons are, does she?

She’ll start assuming you’re either unsure what to say, don’t feel like talking about that topic you left the conversation at, have moved on to chat with someone you feel is more important than her and so on and so forth. Her assumptions aren’t wrong. It’s just that she wasn’t provided the right reason to help her make sense of why you left her hanging.

In this case a simple ‘brb’ most often does the trick and, guys, please do indeed be right back and not after half an hour or longer. If successfully followed this rule will earn you several points in her book and she will be more inclined to want to know you better and get closer to being a better friend to you, or more if that’s the kind of setting you two share.

Crucial note: If she takes too long to reply, don’t ask her what happened or where she’s been or what had her attention. Women aren’t men, duh, and so they have a ton of stuff that only women can genuinely understand. Being asked by a guy what she was up to is very insulting, so don’t do that.

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Rule 2 – Enough With The Creepie-Jeebies

I’d love to start this rule with the words ‘as much as you can afford to…’ but that will be misleading for all you guys reading this. Absolutely, and read that word again if you don’t mind, refuse to let yourself ask a creepy question or state a creepy fact.

If, somehow, like on Facebook or elsewhere, you catch wind of her birth date or some other special event associated with her don’t bring that up in a conversation where you two are only casually getting to know each other.

Other creepie-jeebies include declaring ‘same pinch!’ or ‘coincidence, me too!’ too often… Adding fuel to the fire by asking after her family or any other personal stuff without her sharing it with you on her own… Enquiring after her sister, is she has any, or any girlfriends she may have. You’ll be making a gigantic blunder asking about these people to her instead of spending time getting to know her in this intro-conversation you two are having.

Rule 3 – Pay Attention

In a world of google, quick searches and information around every corner, take the time to find out more about something she’s interested in. If she passes a fact by you remember it and discuss it, if you feel that’s what she wants you to do.

In this way pay attention at all times. Fellers, listen, girls provide the most priceless information in the simplest packages, or in this case, sentence structures. You don’t need to have a ph.d. in English Lit for you to decipher her meaning, just some good old fashioned calm observation and attention will do.

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Rule 4 – Prioritize

This can be quite a difficult rule to follow for almost every man on Earth but it’s extremely effective and as such should be considered one of the best texting rules to implement. You have to make up your mind on a girl you like better than any other girl in your life at the time. Then you prioritize her.

Running after several women will get you nowhere with any one of them. Women are a highly sensitive species and they can pick up on cues you try hiding under several piles of whatever. She will know if you think she’s average, forgettable or uber important to you, so make your efforts count.

Like I said it can be very tough to do this because you may be going through stuff or have already gone through experiences that make you want to sprint from commitment. That’s perfectly understandable and you’re not to blame in any way. No girl in her right mind can make a mouse of a man, BUT…

You’ll never find the one girl for you. And that is our sacrifice for freedom. Everything comes at a price, boys, as our race knows only too well. So find the one for you and give her top priority in your life.

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Rule 5 – Turn On Your Sensitivity Meter

After reading that sub-title your mind has begun wandering somewhere else, I can tell. Get it back in line with the rules of texting. You can be ‘da man’ anywhere else and any time else, but grow some sensitivity senses when you’re with your girl.

a. She may talk a lot about herself but that’s coz she trusts you’ll listen and appreciate her.

b. She may ask a lot about you and not say much about herself because she wants to know more about you, is interested and desires to build trust with you.

c. She may exhibit a lot of emotions that are too complex for you to balance or understand but that’s only because she believes you may be the one to help her make sense of it all.

In this fashion, gentlemen, you need to have some class and exercise patience. A girl who demands your sensitivity is a girl who shows she’s interested in you. And, hey, you become a better man in the process. It’s not like you have a hundred other occasions in your life where you can wield the silken cords of sensitivity.

What better time than with your girl? What better someone than your girl? What more awesome feeling than having a woman find room to invest her trust, affection, time and love in you?

Final Note

In cases you end up meeting the wrong girl and prioritizing her or following plenty of rules for her, including the rules in this post, all I can say is… You have the positive energies of millions of men across the globe who are going through or have survived that emotional realm of nightmares, break ups, loneliness, depression and more.

When all is said and done, fellers, a good girl and her love is worth a hundred battles. So, once you know the girl you hold dear isn’t the one for you and vice versa, brace to face a ton of pain (I’ll try covering this idea in a different post) but remember…

Move on with the grace of a lion and the pride of a dragon. Now, go find your goddess and be a gentleman about it.

Text Safely

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  1. Hahaha…very nice article Joshua :D
    But I really REALLY want to know how much has this helped you :P :P

    • Well a few of my relationships went downhill a little sooner than I’d hoped, but as far as texting is concerned I guess it’s mostly a game of instincts more than anything logical. In this post, Ria, I ventured to translate some of the ‘instincts’ that worked for me into an ordered set of rules. Hehe… Hey, btw, am I right on all counts? :P

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