what’s your shape


  Nail shapes aren’t a very complicated thing to learn. They essentially come in five basic designs:

How To Live A Fun Life—Part 2


  Here we begin another section of how to live a fun life. These aren’t things I myself am great at, but I’m getting there. It’s all about putting words into action, not the other way around, so when you read this, know that it doesn’t stop there. You gotta act on the words you […]

Slice Of Life—Part 1


  Have you noticed how sometimes food served in slices turns absolutely desirable? Agreed, a full plate is just as inviting as a small piece of food taken from a larger source. But, as they say, it’s the little things in life that matter and where food slices are concerned, there’s this added sense of […]

Foods That Help You Smell Awesome


There are so many easy to nibble, quick to eat foods that are certain to be your best friends this summer. Smelling good is a serious issue when the heat is this bad, making you sweat too often and stink worse with each passing hour. Unless you have a portable shower-as-you-walk contraption, it’s best you […]

Summer Smells Good—Let ‘s Help It Stay That Way


  Your body can be a thing of awesomeness or of repulsion, and it all starts with the way you smell. Even if you bathe thrice a day, there’s still a huge margin for body odor to play havoc and bringing both your spirits and those belonging to people around you down. If you’re reading […]

5 Super easy Summer Coolers Recipes


  That perfect sip, cool or cold or frozen but all fresh. There’s something about the taste and touch of coolness that makes this summer feel like a breeze. Cool drinks have never gone out of style and never will. Granted, their costs have changed over the years, their looks and the cups/glasses they come […]

Look Like A Goddess This Summer


  It’s that time of year and they call it summer. The sizzle that comes with this season reveals tons of chances to look divine. Whether you’re just waking up and planning on sitting in today, entertaining guests or going out, a good day look where makeup is concerned can make or break your style […]

dressing up for summer day party–part 2


  “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” ― Coco Chanel   Dresses are an elegant way of dressing up. So for you ladies there who use elegance to spread their charm, a nice summer dress will be a perfect choice. As promised in part 1, here’s a […]