It is said that you are not judged by what you start but what you finish. I mean no one is going to respect the hard work that you do to begin losing weight unless you end up with a skinny body, and for that what you need is a regular workout schedule. It […]

Decal-Décor Made Doable


  Before you look up the meaning, here it is: A design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface. You’re probably thinking it’s hard, will take too much time and has a huge risk of going wrong. Well, the reality is actually quite different, meaning you can use decals to make any space […]

2013’s Top 13 Indian food Blogs


  There has been some internal pressure on me—which I love—where writing an ‘Indian’ blog post is concerned. Wait up, don’t get me wrong, I love the idea, welcome it openly and am not one of those people who uses subtlety to whine. In this blog dedicated solely to Indian food bloggers, I hope to […]

7 Things Men Should Re-Consider Before Wearing


  When it comes to fashion for men, it can get very ugly very fast. You’ll see how bad some choices can end up looking on a guy, at least 99% of them. The results I gathered to help make this post aren’t my own opinions on the matter, but some of them, well, let’s […]

Top 13 Food Blogs Of 2013


  Mm-mmm… Food is something alright, especially awesome food that lands on your palate and takes you on a trip to paradise. Such power, perfection, divinity and grace resides in that one bite promising to treat you to a moment of delicious sensation. As you can imagine, food blogs have plenty of standards to live […]

Mama, Take Care–Tips for new moms


  Congratulations, Jubilations and plenty of Joy to you! You’ve become, or are about to become, a new mom. Who knew that tiny little bundle of joy could put so much pressure on you, personally, while also bringing you so much happiness. A new mom needs to take care of herself. After all, your baby […]

Movies Of The Week–25 March 2013


10 Amazing Bookshelf Ideas For Your Home


  Reading—a relatively new skill in human history—has been well received the world over, exploding into an awesome fireworks show of dazzling proportions. Books add meaning, sophistication, mystery, respect and allure just seeing them on the shelf of someone’s home, whether or not that someone reads ‘em at all. Using that ‘look’ and making it […]