10 Reasons Why You Should Own Rather Than Rent a Home


My childhood was spent in a rented home but by the time I was a teenager, we moved to our own home and it definitely was a different feeling. Now that I am married, we again don’t have the liberty of staying in our own home even though we own one. Staying in company offered […]

Simply Snacking – A guide to healthy snacking ideas


Snacking – the word itself tickles your taste buds and you don’t feel like controlling yourself. For those who are not concerned about weight loss or don’t follow a diet plan, snacking is a fun activity. They can sit with a bag of chips or hog on any quick mini meal that they see somewhere.  […]

Tips on Buying Wedding Suits for Men


Let me be honest guys, we all know the weddings are all about her. Her mom picks up the venue, she decides upon that exotic honeymoon locale and the silly girl even chooses you as the groom. Even if the skies fall down on your wedding day or maybe if all the bridesmaids decide to […]

Restaurant Review – Bohemian, Pune


Last night was special. Mr. H had planned a surprise for me. He has his exams going on and this was definitely least expected. But then, I was floored. What was the surprise? Candle light dinner at Bohemian. After a few drinks at home, we proceeded for dinner. We prefer enjoying drinks at home as […]

All you need to know about Curing Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain is something which all of us have experienced.  We continue to experience it at different times during the day and week. Perhaps the simplest of questions that we need to ask about back pain is – how does it happen? What are its causes? Why is it so widespread? The reason for […]

DIY Hair Masks with Ingredients From Your Pantry


When I woke up early today morning, I was in a mood to pamper myself. I thought of paying attention to my hair as it usually becomes dry in the winters. We had some beer leftover from last night. So instead of just pouring it like a conditioner, I decided to make a hair mask […]

Ways to Decorate Your Living Room on a Tight Budget


Perhaps you’ve bought a new house. Or maybe you need to give your old one a makeover. If you’ve just spent a lot on a new house, or are just trying to spruce up your old living room, there is no need to spend a lot more to decorate your living room. Living rooms give […]

Lemon Coriander Soup Made from Scratch


Nothing can beat the winters like a cup of piping hot soup. So here’s a quick recipe. Ingredients: 1 cup finely chopped vegetables (carrots, capsicum, cabbage, beans) 3 cups water 2 tsps cornflour (mixed with 5 tsps of water) 3-4 peppercorns 1 bayleaf 5-6 tbsps lemon juice 3 tbsps chopped coriander 3 tbsps spring onions […]