Cluster Beans with Gram Flour Dumplings (Phalli Gatte ki Sabzi)


This is a Gujarati recipe and is popularly known as Guvar Muthiya nu Shaak where Muthiya refers to gram flour dumplings. It was my mom’s favorite and mine too. The recipe makes cluster beans more tasty for those who are picky about food. It is also an innovative way to make cluster beans in gravy […]

Sneaking Workouts into a Busy Day


Are you among those who often have to skip their workouts due to a hectic work schedule? Honestly, these are just excuses. Many people may have busy schedules and work, family, kids and other responsibilities often take priority. But exercise is also very essential and if treated as one of the very important part of […]

Stop Being A Couch Potato–Take a stroll for starters!


Health Benefits of Walking Every Day After contemplating for long on what I should do to lose weight, I decided to begin walking every day. I know most people think that walking does not really make a difference. I am not a gym kind of person though I wouldn’t mind going for a workout if […]

9 Novel Gift Ideas for Women


[quote]“Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.” – Joseph Conrad[/quote] And yet most men feel that we are complex creatures and assume it is difficult to buy a suitable gift which would please women and make them happy. Naturally, as a husband or boyfriend it is […]

Comfort Food – Macaroni and Cheese


This recipe was lying with me for long. Though I have made this macaroni and cheese twice in the last fortnight, I was lazy in writing a post for it. So after browsing through umpteen options for Macaroni and cheese on the Web, I decided to mix all the recipes and come up with my […]

Love your boots


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of leather boots? Definitely the cowboy looks. As winters approach, it’s time to buy boots or get them out of your closet and start using them. However if you want to maintain this look and charisma of leather boots you must know […]

Easy Dinner Option – Falafels with Pita Pockets


Past few months, me and my husband have engaged in having Easy Food or Easy Khana as Mr.H fondly calls it. Sometimes it may be as easy to prepare as sandwiches or his favorite Maggi noodles and sometimes as elaborate and complicated to cook as Chicken steak, Pizzas, burgers or wraps (in this case, it […]

Don’t put your Food plan on Fire


We all agree that food and health are interrelated. There are enough evidences to prove it. Why would we otherwise opt for diet plans to lose or increase weight? Why would the doctor suggest only particular type of food for certain ailments? These questions re-emphasize the fact that it is important to eat right to […]