Easy Ideas to Place your Wall Art


A barren home wall is always an eye sore and does not provide any pleasurable experience to the inmates. The very heart of a home lies in its interiors and a well designed and executed interior is appealing in every aspect.  Decorated walls add to the aesthetic appeal of any home interior and when decorated […]

Taming your Pet – Dog training tips


Dogs are very active and intelligent animals and learn quickly according to their own pace. Every breed of dog has its own talent however it is up to the owner how they make their dog a balanced and well-behaved pet. Dogs don’t learn behavioral skills by birth; just like human beings even dogs have the […]

Bring the Festivities In: Decorating the Dinner Table


If not for the glorious decorations, how can you or I tell if it is festive season? Yes, decorations are a huge part of it and they are the ones who are responsible for bring the spirit of festivity into the air and fill the days with hope and joy. Decorations are so integral to […]

Handy Gift Ideas for Husbands


Gift buying for your loved ones is a common activity during the festive season for all families. Therefore all gifts are special. However, for wives, the gift for her husband is always very special. A gift for your husband is actually an expression of love, care and warmth you feel for him and so sometimes […]

Ever Wondered Why Me?


When I completed high school, I wanted to enroll for an advertising course. Unfortunately, my folks were not too aware of the advertising field and did not prefer that as a career option. Like most parents, they thought that since I have a good percentile, I should opt for Engineering. Well, I did and later […]

10 Things All Websites Must Have


Creating a website might be one of the most important things to carry forward your business. But how to have a website that makes-the-deal and does not break it? Here are some things that every website absolutely must have: Clean, Simple Design: A clear and visually appealing design is the first thing a website must […]

Gift an EBook – Make a bond


“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” – Garrison Keillor – is correct. And, it is also a gift of intimacy. The gift of a book is a gift of an experience. No book fails to fan some sort of emotion in the reader. A gift that evokes an emotion is […]

Beware – Murphy’s Watching You


For those who are curious to know what Express Way is, it is My Corner. A place where I can pen down things that have inspired me and caught my attention or just plainly pissed me off. It is the first post I am writing for Express Way and what better than discussing about Mr. […]