15 Unique Christmas Gifts For Moms


Nothing says ‘Love you, Mom’ better than a Christmas present. In this season of joy and thanksgiving, gifting mommy dearest a special something goes a long way. These gifts can be given by sons and daughters alike, so don’t fret about what looks weird with you buying it. You’re buying it for mom, so keep her on the top of the to-gift list.

Check out the following diverse gifts for moms. Use them as examples and not the sole gift you could possibly get her. Have fun and hopefully something will catch your attention.

Christmas Gifts For Fashionable Moms

The shopping world is your oyster with many a pearl just waiting to be found. And that’s if you’re shopping for a Christmas gift for a fashionable mom. From scarves to handbags, accessories and makeup, perfume, and never-to-be-forgot shoes, the glam-sky’s your limit and of course your budget too. Get her something she will love and that you know she will love.

Leave the surprises for birthdays. Keep your Christmas present as risk free as possible for stylish momzie and get her a fashionable thingy she has always wanted but refrained from buying. We all know how moms sacrifice getting things for themselves just so they can afford something for their kids or for the home. This is the time the kids return the favor. Different fashionable Christmas presents for moms include…

1. A jewelry tree that she can place on her dressing stand/table and hang bracelets, earrings and such like on for quick and easy dress-ups. There are some beautiful designs out there she will adore.

2. Bracelets, rings, earrings, belts, scarves, shoes… This section doesn’t even need detailing. Just choose your genre (or rather her genre) and buy her something pretty, as wonderful as she.

3. As for dresses, whether you’re opting for traditional sarees or chudidars and the like, get the right dress size. Ask one of your mom’s girlfriends to help get you the number. Dads don’t really know their way around this department so don’t risk asking him. Don’t attempt using another dress size, based on something she already owns, to buy her a new dress. Often, women’s bodies change and grow in weird ways (not that I know) and it will be wise to get the most recent dress size mom feels comfortable wearing.


Christmas Gifts For Spiritual Moms

Don’t go too spiritual. This is, after all, a Christmas gift. You can add a little something secular to the gift if you like. Since it’s Christmas time, I’m guessing a spiritual mom could be Christian/Catholic. To that end, you can shop for religious figurines, detailed and research friendly bibles or charts and photos and quotes that will inspire her to grow in her faith.

If you come from a Jewish background, you can shop for Christmas presents that mom will love to get that helps her move deeper into understanding the principles of her faith.

There’s nothing wrong in giving a mom from any other religion something spiritually special this Christmas. The season, after all, is one of giving and receiving and sharing and spreading good cheer. So, your shopping cart can also just as easily contain Buddha figurines, Hindu worship material, from books, to idols to other worship items that need stocking up for mom’s poojas and such like, or a more New Age approach if mom’s into that sorta thing.

Take your time with this gift-type and get her something packed with meaning and long-term worth.

Christmas Gifts For Working And/Or Traveling Moms

Getting working moms office related gifts is pointless. They work in an office or some such building every day and the last thing they want to see is another office item occupying space on their desk or shelf. However, personalize the office gift, and you’ve taken a step in the right direction.

1. Get her photos set in a formal frame but with pictures of the family or a quote she has often drawn inspiration from. You can also get her something that makes her feel close to home but driven to work for her family. This will take time and research on your part because each working mom’s likes is different.

2. Gift her something she can really use at the office but which also reminds her of you, the gifter. It’s bound to bring a smile to her face while allowing her the freedom to carry on with her work. These can include simple and inexpensive Christmas gifts for working moms like special monogrammed pens, paper weights with meaningful designs, table-top quotes etc. More expensive Christmas gifts for working moms can include technology like a printer, a new laptop, a cool bookshelf, a vase with enchanting artificial flowers she can feel great looking at now and then when working, and so on.


Christmas Gifts For Homely Moms

Some house-moms love practical gifts like toasters, grill related accessories, or anything to do with the kitchen where your homely gift will make her cook-time easier and fun. Fun because she recalls the practical item was a gift from you. It is therefore certain to put a smile on her face each time she uses it.

However, there are other moms who will like to get a Christmas gift that is entirely different from anything kitchen or housework related. So know what your mom wants and make sure you are getting her the right homely gift for Christmas.

These un-homely gifts for homely moms include a new dress, a cool showpiece item she can display with pride, a clock that reminds her of her younger days or anything else for that matter that reminds her of her hometown, youth, and the fun such items inspire. This will take a little time and a lot of calls to relatives to help with your research but, don’t worry, you’ll make it.

Christmas Gifts For Single Moms

Do NOT get her romantic stuff or set her up on blind dates or anything of the sort. She will not appreciate you trying to run her love life. Mom may have become single for a whole lot of serious reasons and the last thing she needs this Christmas is to be reminded of past hurts.

Get her beautiful feminine gifts that make her feel great about herself. It isn’t a pity-gift (of course not) but something that will inspire her to feel the confidence she has been burying away for all this time. Unleashing that through gifts like a poster with something she adores, pictures around the home of family and friends etc. are great.

You can even set her up on a surprise date with some of her girlfriends, making sure you plan it as a girl’s night out and nothing else. She will be glad for the reprieve and the outing will make her feel young and confident again.

Of course, nobody said you can’t give her an actual gift or few this Christmas. See what mom-type she is (relying on some of the categories detailed in this post) and start shopping. Use your imagination and see what you can get that will make her feel more herself.


Christmas Gifts For Conservative Moms

Keep it simple. That’s the key. Don’t go surprising her and assuming she will love it afterwards. She may smile and indulge your efforts but she will have enjoyed a more conservative Christmas gift.

Now, I can’t really list off what kinds of gifts are conservative and what aren’t. You’re on your own with this one. Just spend some time seeing what she likes and what she holds important and see if you can gift her something along those lines.

Some conservative moms like to be asked what they want so they feel good about the whole gifting process, but try your best to keep it a surprise but a surprise she will love and remember.


Gift Ideas For Moms That Are Personal, Hand-Made Or DIY

Here are some ideas that all or most moms will like. See what you can do…

1. Taking her out will be a great gift. It takes her away from the familiar and plunges her into a world of newness. Plan (and plan ahead) on a family outing to restaurants, amusements parks, movie theatres or wherever else you know mom will want to go and spend some time out with family, her kids, friends, relatives etc.

2. Make her personalized cards with memorable lovey-dovey messages handwritten by each member of the family and flourished off with a cool sign from each. The message will be something she will most remember.

3. One idea on how you can present this to her is by rolling it up, ancient style, and tying a ribbon or a few different colored ribbons around what now looks like a scroll. Let the ribbon ends dangle in that classic manner.

The presentation is key, so come up with your own ideas on presenting her with a Christmas gift whose value lies in words.

4. If you can sow, try weaving her a special monogrammed blanket or some other such item. Don’t forget to embroider it. You can also include names of her kids and hubby on it, if you want. As long as it looks and feels great, you’ll have given her a Christmas gift worth cherishing for many years to come.

There are several DIY gift ideas out there. See what ‘type’ your mom is from the list above and shop for a do-it-yourself kit that falls along those lines. Soon, you’ll have made her something she’ll adore all her life.

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