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Beauty is and always has been a topic everybody has looked into sometime in their lives. There’s so much to learn, from the simple to the complex, from the cost-effective to the expensive. To look beautiful is not just to feel so on the inside. As insensitive as this may sound, I’m merely voicing a fact almost everybody knows to some extent or other but won’t put words to it or speak it out loud.

Anyone can look beautiful, and that hope-filled fact comes with a trick. It’s what each person does to look good that sets them apart in a crowd.

As I wrote in a similar post (Top 13 Travel Blogs of 2013) there’s no special importance given to number-1 that number-13 doesn’t also share. Check out these top 13 beauty blogs of 2013 to see what works for you, which ones you’ll confirm as your info-source and what you can adopt as your style.


13. Frugal Glam: Aimed at helping you look your best but not splurge too much in the process, this blog is created by a woman named only ‘BeautyGirl23′ who considers herself a ‘product junkie’. The experience she’s gained through that field is immense indeed, and her blog reflects that as also does her advice. Written in a beautiful simple style, covering all the essentials, BeautyGirl23 sure has put the ‘beau’ in ‘beautiful’.


12. Beauty Snob: Modernity and sex-appeal has spread its roots quite extensively on this blog, begun by self-styled ‘beauty snobs’ Tina Craig and Kelly Cook who, along with a team of ace freelance writers and other support staff, have woven a blog filled with information pertaining to all things beauty. The style varies with each writer, and is sure to keep you captivated.

11. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic: You’ll find ideas, advice, fun, health and all sorts of other beauty-related posts in this one, written in a very down-to-earth style and with a layout that can get a bit disorientating at times, but is otherwise amazing. Once you take a few minutes to get the ‘lay of the land’, this blog has some amazing stuff for you.

10. Blogdorf Goodman: This blog isn’t started by the famous company after the name but by a woman called Annie (or rather Annieytown) and she takes you through a world of advice, reviews and thoughts on Blogdorf Goodman’s brands and more besides. Her style is rich with fashion-lingo and fun to read.

9. Addicted To Beauty: Written by an unnamed but vastly experienced beauty-lover and journalist of the same, the woman behind the blog introduces you to splendid ‘disclosures’ like products sent to her by PR companies pre-release, and fun stuff that includes all sorts of beautiful things in the world. Her writing style is sensational, charming and graceful. She sure does live up to the name of her blog.

8. Dizzy Brunette: With a no-nonsense style incorporating both good as well as bad reviews, the lovely 21-year old behind this blog sure does possess immense talent. Corrie has done an amazing job with this one, making her blog a captivating read as well as an unveiling that lets loose the truth.

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7. Fuller Figure Fuller Bust: All you busty gals out there will love this veritable portal of superb beauty-related topics Georgina Horne has created for plus-sized women everywhere. This British hottie sure does prove that you don’t need to be slim to look sexy.

6. Gem Fatale: The lady responsible for this blog is called simply Gem Wielding a style that’s balanced with nice photos as well as well-written content, Gem really has that bewitching skill to get you to dive deep into what she has to share about beauty.

5. Lip Glossipping: Charlotte’s blog is an amazing source for all things color and lips. This 31-year old mom packs a lot of amazing advice and ideas on her blog along with some smart pictures to help guide you on what to look for. Her writing style is detailed, colorful and nothing short of magnificent.

4. Holly Arabella: The woman with the same name has crafted what amounts to an awe-inspiring source of beauty ideas and more besides. To know she’s only 21 years old adds to the sheer potential she packs into her blog, with clear and detailed concepts, superb pictures and a very user-friendly site layout.

3. Zoella: What a classy blog. Started by a woman after the same name, the 22-year old Zoe uses a clever writing style mixed with elements of passionate self-expression. Covering a diverse range of beauty topics and amazing photographs, Zoe knows her stuff indeed.

2. The Dressing Room: You’ll find a lot of dedication has gone into making this blog what it is. With an easy-to-follow layout, outstanding writing style and holding some of the best beauty advice out there, Kelsey’s blog has made a well-deserved mark in the online beauty-blog realm.

1. The Truth About Beauty: This one’s an eye-opener. Aly Hazlewood brings years of experience and plenty of take-your-breath-away ideas, guidance and thoughts on all things beauty. Using what can be called a very honest style of writing (quite rare, this one) Aly knows how to capture your attention and hold onto it.


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