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Nail shapes aren’t a very complicated thing to learn. They essentially come in five basic designs:

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Oval: This is the classic choice, with potential to look great on any finger-type, making it that much more of a favorite. Short and/or wide fingers are perfect for this design. The fact that most women and girls can shape this design themselves with no need to rush into a salon makes the oval nail-shape much beloved.

Almond (sharp tips): For those women and girls who have small palms but nice long fingers, nothing balances it out better than a catty-claw design like this one. The Almond nail-shape will indeed require professional attention if it is to look awesome, so don’t go trying your own way if you don’t have the tools or practice for this shaping-job.

Round: This is a rather simple number. A slight rounding at the edges is all it takes to get this shape, great for women and girls who have naturally short nails. In addition to adding a sense of ‘elongation’, round nail-shapes are less prone to rupture, making these nail-shapes great news for those with active hands.

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Square: Long fingers (that are probably also narrow) can do with this design, which is often what you’ll see in your mind when you hear the words ‘manicure’. Brides are often known to choose this nail-shape.

Rounded Square (where the edges are rounded): A veritable Jane-of-all-trades, this nail-shape suits ‘em all, from long and narrow, to short and also wide finger-types. It’s even a rather elegant look.

All fingers the world over have short bases where they start out of your digits, so visualize the above shapes with that idea in mind. For instance, when you read ’round’ it means the shape on the outer edge of your nail and not the whole nail. As incredible as it may seem, many women are too much in a hurry to consider this ridiculously simple fact. What happens is they get a nail-shape done which they later feel wasn’t the one they asked for. Now they have to wait for proper re-growth and length to re-shape.

Most important thing to know is that your skin color doesn’t matter where nail-shapes are concerned. You can be pale, fair, tanned, dark, or black and still have the hottest nails this side of the nation, so put that worry out of your mind and read on…

Three final points…


If you’ve practiced working a certain job with a certain nail-shape and you love that balance, go ahead and keep it, you’re all set.

Drawing inspiration from that earlier point, if you want to try a new nail-shape but aren’t sure how your day will be effected or affected by it, there’s no harm in trying something new and there’s no harm in some good old-fashioned getting used to either.

In this last point, I’m going to take liberties and contradict what I said earlier about practicality. If you’re the type of gal who’s redefining sexiness with a certain nail-shape but your profession or household duties demand a more practical choice, do not change your nail-shape.

It’s very hard these days for women to have their preferred nail-shape and if you’re already making it work like a charm, no use getting rid of that level of awesomeness. It’s best if you find ways to make your daily routines or profession work to the tune of that style-statement you have going with those sexy nails.

Image Credit: UrbaneWomenMag, pjinomaha, trec_lit, PinkMoose.


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