W’Hat’ A Wall! – Using Hats & Caps To Decorate Your Walls


Here’s the deal with hats and caps… You can crowd them up, you can spread them out, you can even use one big one and they’ll still look super on your walls. You’ll certainly need an eye for design to pull off this décor idea like a charm. Here’s what you can do using hats to decorate your walls.

Hat Decor

Idea 1: All You Need Is Nails

Nails come in diverse thicknesses and lengths. Just get some long thin ones and hammer them into your wall where needed.

Important Note: Nail them at an angle so you have something to hang your hats/caps on and not have them fall off at the slightest breeze or touch.

Idea 2: Headwear Galore

Different types of caps/hats exist out there for you to use. There are…

  • Flat caps, baseball caps, fedora hats, berets after the French style, rain hats and top hats that look rather British.
  • Panama hats for that Mexican touch, trilby hats, sun hats and formal ladies’ hats to add that extra level of charm, beauty and sheer elegance.
  • Bowler and beanie hats bring that classic American touch.
  • Cloche, cricket and bucket hats that add a sense of wonderful diversity, and cadet caps and army hats that bring their own ruff-n-tuff element to your wall.
  • Fez hats, fisherman caps, felt and wool-felt hats, tweed, leather and golf hats and, on an older fashioned note, newsboy caps and pillbox hats are amazing too.
  • Pith helmets for that ‘shikari’ feel and straw hats for a tropical appeal.
  • Sombrero’s too.
  • And who can forget cowboy hats in this décor-idea, especially those Indiana Jones ones.

Hat Decor4

The Design & Implementation Stage:

Now that you’re holding the proper nails and hats you simple adore, start planning using your walls. Here’s what you need to ask yourself before taking hammer to nail and hat/cap to wall.

How wide or small is the wall I want to decorate?

How many hats can I use on it so it won’t look over crowded but brings out a superb style statement?

Here’s what you do next…

  • Place hat and/or cap combos on a wide bed sheet on the floor. Let the sheet be the same color as your wall. This way you get a ‘picture’ of how the hats will look up there on the real deal. Set them in your preferred design format on the sheet and see for yourself.
  • Use a small piece of chalk or just marker-dot your wall where you need the nails to go. Don’t feel shy to use a scale to help you get ideal spacing. Each hat/cap has brims that are differently sized. Sometimes you may like to overlap those brims for one type of style and sometimes you may want each hat/cap to stand out in all its singular glory. This latter step is where a measuring scale or long ruler most comes in handy.

Hat Decor5

Final Step:

Step back and admire what you created. Make sure there isn’t going to be a strong breeze coursing through the area.

If your hat-décor or cap-décor idea is going outdoors on a wall in the verandah or thereabouts, make sure you have each hat/cap prepped with a small resilient string so you can link them to the nail. This way the winds won’t be able to try on your hats and throw them all over the place just because it’s not their style.

Happy Hatting!

Image Credit: Lushome, abeautifulmess, decor4all, stylefrizz.

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