Ways to Decorate Your Living Room on a Tight Budget

Perhaps you’ve bought a new house. Or maybe you need to give your old one a makeover. If you’ve just spent a lot on a new house, or are just trying to spruce up your old living room, there is no need to spend a lot more to decorate your living room.

Small room decor

Living rooms give the first impression of any house – that’s the first thing that any guest in your house sees. Therefore it is very important that it is decorated well, and in good taste.

Firstly, it is important to paint your room right. It is not necessary that the most expensive paint will give you the best look. In fact, it is more important that you choose the right color and finish. For smaller rooms, always pick light colors. Dark colors make rooms look smaller than they are, and will reduce the light falling in.

Paint your home

If you are planning to experiment with patterns and colors, you can pick up remnant paint at stores for cheap. You could use a mixture of colors to create a new, funky pattern that could liven up the room. But restrict it to a single wall to enhance the look. Painting the entire room with patterns will make it appear shabby.

If you have a theme for the living room, consider using posters or wallpaper on one wall, and some auxiliary colors on the other wall.

Living room with mirrors

Mirrors are an inexpensive way to make a room look bigger. Not only do they give a feeling of spaciousness, but they can also be used to let more light in and make a room brighter. You could use ethnic or contemporary designs to match the theme of your décor.

Curtains add color to the room too. You could buy faux-silk sarees or raw material and get the curtains stitched than opting for the readymade ones. Not only will they prove to be a cheaper option but will also provide a unique look to your living room. You can team bold colored curtains wit printed sheer to balance the light coming in the room.

Coming to furniture, if you are reusing any of your old furniture, then make sure all of it is in good condition. There is no need to buy new things – you could repaint your furniture to give it a nice, new and clean look. You can also experiment with colors. A coat of varnish can also go a long way in giving your wooden pieces a glossy and shiny look, and also add some protection to it.

Depending on the size of the living room, plan the arrangement of the furniture. Don’t use huge pieces of furniture – they take up unnecessary space and cause clutter. Conversely, using too many small things – a table, cabinet, shelves, coffee table, and show-pieces and so on will also clutter the space. Use the space judiciously – maintain a sense of spaciousness to feel comfortable in the room.

Colorful Living Room

If you are planning to buy furniture, look through catalogs to decide what you need. You could also look online for some really good deals. You can also get in touch with a local carpenter and check for sample designs. Often, this proves to be a budget friendly option than buying for the home décor stores. Remember to plan it out first. Typically, a living room should have a comfortable couch, a table, a cabinet if your television does not attach to the wall, and perhaps a few shelves to display some things. Anymore and the space will be cramped.

For old couches, consider getting covers to spruce it up a bit. You could add cushions, experimenting with the cushion covers and colors, to give it a new look. Rugs can also add character to a room, and you can get rugs for good prices in discount or thrift stores. Reuse old blankets, bed sheets, curtains or rugs to sew slip covers or cushion covers.

If you plan to have a grandfather clock or some show pieces of that sort in the room, consider picking them up from yard sales. You can get very good deals, but ensure that they are in good condition.

Yard sales and thrift stores are also very good places to find paintings, posters or some art that you can use to accessorize your living room. Vases, small statues, pots, or perhaps even small potted plants if you are a nature lover – they can all add color and character to the room. House plants are a very good and economical way to brighten the room and also a source of clean, fresh air and energy.

Decorate with books

There are some things that you probably already own – books, trinkets, souvenirs or mementoes. Take them out of dusty drawers and put them to use to decorate your living room shelves. They will also lend character to the room, display a bit of your interests – your taste in books, perhaps the awards you have won, places you’ve traveled where you may have picked up souvenirs, etc.

Reuse old photo frames and reframe some good family photos from a recent vacation. You can even frame your own or your child’s artwork, or even some leftover wallpaper if you really liked the color! All these can be used to decorate the room. Old frames can be touched up and given a new look with some paint and creativity. You can stick some beads or shimmer on it to add the zing.

For lights, use CFL bulbs for everyday lighting. They are not only economical, but are also good for the environment, and even save electricity. They are small and bright, and can always be arranged in designs and patterns.

It is not difficult to personalize and decorate your living room on a tight budget. All you need are some ideas and a little creativity. So put on your thinking caps and add that personal touch to your living room and you will definitely WOW your guests.

Image Credits: ctandjung, MoToMo, Gambar Rumah + Desain Interior ANNAHAPE GALLERY, Free Digital Photos

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