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Some Facts Before Style

The coolest watches for men 2013 is nothing short of stunning. What variety, appeal, elegance and awesomeness they possess, ready to be unleashed onto the world and add to your personal sense of style and fashion. Women do indeed take notice of such things.

Guys, be honest, it’s not worth the effort spending a few minutes just to purchase a cheap watch that may not suit your needs for the long term. A watch, if you have the cash for it, is great to keep changing or buy several different pieces of. However, several men around the world make do with just one perfect watch that suits them and their style statement while still fulfilling a practical purpose.

This is why taking the time to save up and buy that one expensive showstopper will help in incredible ways. Think of it this way, you’ll probably end up paying that amount anyway with constant watch changes just because one got old or it’s cheap make crumbled under general everyday pressures. Don’t fret, I’ll try keeping it in the affordable range (you can count me into that category too).

The Lineup

Here are 10 watch choices for you to choose from. They aren’t in any specific order of importance, so go ahead and have a looksie. You can use these ten to help select similar ones elsewhere (online or in showrooms) or recall a piece you may have forgotten about earlier.

1. Grant Chronograph Leather Watch, Blue from Fossil – Sensational blue leather, a strap buckle, a 5 atm water pressure resistance and a 11-year limited warranty, sold at $125 (approx. Rs. 7636.25/-).


2. Nate Twist Stainless Steel Watch from Fossil – Cold-bold steely look, 5 atm water pressure resistance, a 11-year limited warranty and a single-press deployant for cinching, sold at $205 (approx. Rs. 12,523.45/-).


3. Machine Twist Leather Watch from Fossil – Superb Batman-black (!) leather and overall make, a 11-year limited warranty, 5 atm water pressure resistance and looks that can kill, sold at $185 (approx. Rs. 11,301.65/-)


4. G-Lide GWX-8900B-7 from G-Shock Led backlight, solar powered, shock and water resistance (200 m), moon data, receptor signal features (Wave Ceptor) and more. Sold at $137.99 (approx. Rs. 8429.81/-).

Casio 1

5. Gravity Defier GW-A1100-1A3 from G-Shock Smart analogue system, Wave Ceptor (radio controlled), MultiBand-6 for time calibration, Triple-G resist (anti-gravitational management), great for thrill seekers and adventurers. Sold at RM (Malaysian Ringgit) 1,899 (approx. Rs. 35,622.70/-).


6. Bluetooth Enabled GB-6900AB-7 from G-Shock – iPhone mobile link features, LED backlight, battery saving features, shock and water proofing, tap operation and more. Sold at 539 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) (approx. Rs. 8964.76/-).


7. Speed Racer 3079SM01 from Fast Track – F1 steering wheel design, satin-finish metal bracelet, sensational sporty look and texture (metal make, steely color). Sold at Rs. 2995/-.


8. Midnight Party 3092NL01 from Fast Track – Nightclub-inspired design features, bold dial, chunky-sporty look, perfect for young men, awesome style-statement (tan and leather make). Sold at Rs. 2995/-.


9. Chronograph ND3072SM04 from Fast Track – Beautiful black and grey hues, mineral glass, distinctly sporty look, metal strap, steel make, great for bikers. Sold at Rs. 4995/-.


10. Analogue 3100SP03 from Fast Track – Overhead-tank view design, matt black plastic bezel ring, elegant deep-blue hue, bold dial design, perfect for both formal as well as casual wear, from the beach to a dinner date. Sold at Rs. 1895/-.Fastrack4Last But Not Least…

These watches are detailed using a simple to-the-point approach to better help you frame a mental map and decide on one close to your preferences. Check out the specs where needed and take your time choosing the ones you like. In cases where the currency isn’t Indian rupees you can always use a credit card to make the purchase, just be sure of the customs value added to the bill.

Once you select a watch that you feel is ‘you’—it can be one from the list above or anything else—you’ll probably set a standard, perhaps create a trend but one thing’s for sure, you’ll make a style statement nobody can ignore.

So, fellers, watch your watches and style on.

Image Credit: Fossil, lelong, ebay, fastrack.

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