Waltz With The Wind – Wind Chimes, A Stress-Reducing Décor Idea


Wind chimes are a classic décor item brought even more to life in contemporary times. They’re easy to put up and just as easy to take down, making for quick and efficient decoration in, out and around the home or apartment. This in itself is why so many people like them, for their ease of use.

Wind Chimes

Next thing you need to know about wind chimes is they’re immensely relaxing. No matter how hard the wind blows these chimes create a sort of music, a tune without a pattern, which works to calm down the nerves. There is nothing magical about it, rather a soothing element that works on your subconscious akin to some kinds of reassurance and peaceful thoughts.

It’s marvelous to know these simple creations are nothing but hollow tubes attached to strings and left dangling at varying lengths to enable diverse tunes when they waltz with the wind. With a classy circular (or any other shape) top-support where the strings find root wind chimes bring beauty, calm and grace to any setting.

There are different types of wind chimes…

1. Metal: These are most popular, what with their elegance and shine coupled with the clear and crisp tunes they produce against the wind. If placed outside in a location where they can catch the sun a lovely glint-shine effect accompanies the tune.

2. Glass: These are the next favorite after metal. Their delicacy makes them less in demand because not everybody can afford to keep glass items in residences where they’re prone to break. If, however, yours is ideal to hang these up in be sure you place them in home-areas where heavy winds or strong breezes don’t have a chance to get to them. The reasons are obvious. Glass wind chimes catch the light and refract them in magical ways, especially so if you get these chimes in certain colors and themes. The fact that they play a nice melody as per their design adds to their enchantment.

Wind chimes 2

3. Bamboo: These introduce a wonderful oriental feel to the living space while giving off a delicate wooden tune. After all, bamboo tows in the feel of being in some isolated cove somewhere with fresh breezes that make even the branches sway to a harmonious forest melody filled with elegant softness.

4. Shell: The hybrid music these wind chimes create is a balanced mix of metal and bamboo. Being shells they’re quite the lookers while adding that tropical ‘beach environment’ appeal to your home.

5. Ceramic: In addition to being delicate like glass but not as easy to crack and tagging along a sensationally smooth surface texture, ceramic wind chimes are another type of hybrid tune-makers that bring in a bit of everything. They sometimes sound like glass, other times like metal and most often like the bamboo variety.

You can purchase wind chimes from stores as well as online. Either way, make sure you have them packed properly before you leave the store. In the case of online shopping for wind chimes opt for companies that have good packaging options (you can learn about this from their reviews and forums).

The lyrical sounds of wind chimes are superb décor additions that bring plenty of aesthetic and smart-décor value into your home. You are certain to appreciate the simple stress-relieving effects wind chimes impart and how they, almost supernaturally, play a tune when you least expect it but most want it and never knew you did.

Image Credit: Rie H, { pranav }.


  1. hi.. i am obsessed about wind chimes.. and i believe they are stress relievers.. they also sing lullabies for you when u feel lonely.. and wake u up with their tinkling sounds.. I so loved your post.. I have metal ones and bamboo ones all over my veranda.. :D

    • Ty, Barkha. What you’ve said here cements this post’s practicality. Most people don’t believe wind chimes can really play the role of stress relievers, and one can’t blame them for not doing so, it’s a tricky fact to grasp. You’ve made my day and this post better with your comment. I like the way you said ‘they sing lullabies when you feel lonely’. Metal and bamboo ones all across your veranda? Wonderful combo.

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