Walking Strong—Different Footwear Styles For Men

Men are logical, practical, quick to shop and ready to get the job done—whatever work it is they apply themselves to. This sort of modern fast-paced lifestyle sometimes leaves a guy no room to think on stylish lines. Of all the varied fashion ideas for men out there, let’s talk about shoes for men and how big a world opens up the minute you realize that shoes are the first thing people notice about a man when he walks in the door.

1.    Getting Sporty

sports shoesThis is one of the most common choices guys go for. Sports shoes are easy to put on and suit a lot of outfit types, from jeans and tees to shorts and others besides. One of the reasons why men love their sports shoes is because they feel comfortable in them. I mean, figuratively comfy, where a man feels like a man because sports shoes allow him the chance to walk like an outdoor dude, fueled by adrenaline and working on instinct. Colors are something you need to focus on with sports shoes. Don’t always opt for total-white or full-black. Go for dashes, where you see stripes of red or yellow, or any other color that catches your fancy. Those dashes impart a sense of restrained energy to you, making you seem even more desirable.

2.    Takin’ It Casual

Casual shoesThey’re usually as comfy as sports footwear, only they come with a more indoor-look. Casual shoes can be either slip-ons like moccasins or laced-up ones. They have somber colors going for them, deep or dark hues that impart a sense of calm to the man wearing them. These shoes are usually worn with after-work attire or when you need to go somewhere in a jiffy and slippers are out of the question. Casual shoes can be made to work in your favor as long as you spruce up the outfit you have on when wearing this sort of footwear. Roll up those sleeves or lift that collar (not both), remove the jacket button and do the same for the top two on your shirt and you’ve crafted immense sex appeal in less than ten seconds. Let the shoes highlight the overall look from there.

3.    Going Free

sandals and slippersSlippers and sandals for dudes are one of those footwear pairs that can accentuate your masculinity or make you seem shabby or even give you a depressed look. Because they’re so free and simple and open, they show off a little bit of your personality while letting people get closer to understanding who you are. To this end, opt for slippers and sandals that have style going for them. There are so many cool designs, shapes, colors and ‘looks’ out there in this footwear-genre, you can go right ahead and get yourself five different pairs for disparate occasions. As long as you walk with an air of confidence and don’t feel lopsided, like if the slippers/sandals fits you badly, you’re all set to wow with these fellers.

4.    Formally Yours

formal shoesThis is, to put it simply, the kind of shoes men spend their whole day in, that’s if they’re working in an office or have a job that has them outfitting formally. The keyword in that earlier sentence is ‘outfitting’ and not what it should really be, namely ‘styling’. It may seem like you need to put a lot of work into it but it’s actually quite simple once you begin. Gentlemen, formal wear is one of the sexiest looks guys can wield. Ask any woman, even the ones who deny it… Ask them after you’ve gotten yourself in a formal fit, and they’ll confirm this. Sticking to formal shoes, go for brogues (the ones that have hole-designs in them) or for the sleeker total-smooth ones. If these or any one of the several other designs, shapes and patterns out there are your preference, check to see if they suit your lower body (hip down). This means you do not try gaining height using thick shoe heels and you do not try and go for the flat look. There’s an ideal formal balance these shoes naturally come in, so stick to that and you’re ready to exude power.

5.    Slippin’ On Some Boots

bootsOut of the formal setting, boots are the perfect footwear to render you awesome. They’ll suit your bike, your car, your walk, your clothes (especially a nice leather jacket) and more. Boots have that special something no other footwear can boast. They impart calm as well as danger, they exude power while making you seem approachable and as far as sex appeal is concerned, boots get you across that bridge as though you were always meant to cross it. Not any pair of boots will do, though. You must get a pair that suits your style, physique, skin tone and walk. Let your instinct guide you. You’ll know as soon as you slip into those perfect boots that those are the ones for you. Feel tall in them, sense yourself tasting a little bit of confidence and thinking this is the only moment in the world. That’s when you’ll know you’ve found the right boots for you.

With all these shoe-types to check out, you can now start to tell if you need to change your ‘outfit’ into a ‘style-fit’. When your walk changes, your outlook on life’s many circumstances is often known to follow. Gentlemen, it’s raw power just waiting to explode.

Image Credit: Free Digital Photos.

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