Top 13 Food Blogs Of 2013


Mm-mmm… Food is something alright, especially awesome food that lands on your palate and takes you on a trip to paradise. Such power, perfection, divinity and grace resides in that one bite promising to treat you to a moment of delicious sensation. As you can imagine, food blogs have plenty of standards to live up to. After all, they need to make their readers feel the taste and be there in the kitchen when that piece of magnificence is being created.

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I needn’t mention the fact that the number beside the blog doesn’t denote best or okay or whatever. They’re all awesome blogs, numbers keeping order and allowing me the chance to craft a good blog-title. That said, check out these top 13 food blogs of 2013 and see if you can feel the culinary magic.


Monica’s Spice Diary: This gorgeous Indian woman who studied in the States owes her culinary expertise to her Mom who gave her the know-how to create some ace recipes that make your mouth water just reading about it. With fun personal-life moments, a simple writing style and amazing food with all the spice and galore of Indian lip-smacking perfection, this blog is a wonderful addition to the genre.

Food Beast: Wow! And that’s an understatement for this mouth-watering extravaganza of a blog where the site layout alone makes you wanna eat the page. This blog comes with a team working behind it and it also enjoys a spot on TV. With smart advice, awesome foods and ways to cook ‘em right and a writing style that’s nothing short of captivating, you’re sure to get a kick out of this one.

David Lebovitz: Having an ideal balance between content and pictures makes for a great food blog, something David Lebovitz has perfected. Bringing fine Parisian food to your kitchen and making it comprehensible so people everywhere can enjoy that kiss of French culinary genius, David, himself a Chef with vast experience in the field, makes it look easy with his relatable writing style and unmatched guidance. Bon appétit!

Taste And Flavors: Yet another Indian blog that’s not exactly penned by one person let alone a few, but comes packed with dishes, advice, ideas and more in one site where foods meets sharing and where sharing means true appreciation of what goes in your mouth. Written in diverse styles and with all food-types talked about, you can practically treat yourself to this blog.

Baking Bites: If you though health was an issue with desserts, this blog will have you thinking different. Written in an enviably detailed fashion with a down-to-earth flair, pastry chef Nicole Weston has done an awesome job blending taste, desire and beauty with cooking.

Blue Kitchen: With a very gourmet sense of dish-crafting and a writing style that reveals a lot about the person behind the art and also, obviously, the food dish itself, Terry Boyd is a man on a mission where culinary genius is concerned. This is a blog for serious foodies who adore cooking.

Chocolate & Zucchini: With anything and everything under the food banner being discussed with artistic passion, and in a style that’s suffused with the same, 33-year old Parisian food writer Clotilde Dusoulier has a lot to share and plenty to show you by way of fine food and how you can sincerely enjoy it.

Weelicious: I couldn’t resist adding this rather cute food blog catering to kids, infants and the culinary desires of children. Written by a thoughtful woman and mom, Catherine, who uses a style that’s something worth enjoying in its own right, this blog is for all you women out there who love to cook for their kids and get them to eat their veggies just because it tastes amazing.

Happy Herbivore: This vegan hotspot of food explosion, filled with ideas, fun, guides and more, comes in a style that incorporates a healthy lifestyle with plenty of veggie delights that take nothing away from the joy of eating fine food. Lindsay S. Nixon is the author of some interesting cookbooks that endorse her plant-based diet and you’re sure to enjoy this blog where her ideas are spread out in all their green wonder.

Gluten-Free Goddess: Don’t be fooled by the title. The foods in here are perfect health choices for men as much as women. With superb advice, a matronly yet chic style of writing and plenty of options to select from, this blog is a ‘love at first sight’ for all you health-aficionados out there.

La Mia Cucina: Lis has created magic with her sublime recipes which anyone can work with as well as a writing style that impresses the fun and joy of cooking. You’re certain to enjoy the vast tracts of knowledge on this blog where a woman who’s lived life, has kids and adores cooking will show you a world of amazing food to dig into.

The Orgasmic Chef: A chunk of awesome pictures, a flow of beautifully written content and, of course, a sprinkling of ace advice on all things food-related, the woman behind this blog wields passion like the chef she is.

Mexico In My Kitchen: Bringing you the best of Mexican food and all the awesomeness it packs away, Mely Martinez brings a world’s worth of life-experiences and puts it in this blog. You can feel the perfection in the way she takes you through her cooking ideas, guidelines and recipes, and makes it possible for anyone the world over to enjoy that touch of Mexican splendor. Provecho!

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