7 Easy Tips To Save Money On Holiday Trips


Don’t you feel like planning a holiday trip every time there is a long weekend break or at times when you want to celebrate your anniversary or some other special occasion? Wish it was so easy! While many may have the time to travel, the constant thought of trying to save money stops you from planning frequent trips. With some easy tips to save money while on a vacation or by opting for budget travel, you definitely can plan holidays frequently. It is great to indulge in luxurious vacations once in a while but at other times, you need to travel on a budget and save some money. 

Travelling on budget

Family holidays are awesome but if you haven’t come up with an action-plan on how to save money so you can balance the holiday expenses, then you may not feel like going on one again. If you already know how to save money on vacations, this will be a refresher. If not, follow these easy tips for budget travel:


Travelling on a budget: Tip 1

No-Peak/Off Season

This is a common term used in budget travel circles to denote that time of year when tourism is slightly deflated and when people aren’t traveling all over the place. During such no-peak or off seasons, you’ll find holiday packages and hotels are cheaper, as well as sightseeing and some other activities. Planning a holiday at this time is a good way to save.

Travelling on a budget: Tip 2

Hotel Bookings

This is when you take your time and not rush the process of planning your holiday. In addition to seeking the right accommodations for you and finalizing them, discount coupons become the name of the game. The holiday packages sellers or websites on which you’re doing the booking almost always have discount chits for you to take advantage of with, sometimes, an added discount on flight tickets, so that’s another tip to save money on holiday trips.

Travelling on a budget: Tip 3

Breakfast Packages

There’s a reason why it’s breakfast and not any other meal. Being the most important meal of the day you can binge on good food, use complimentary or paid breakfast packages to get yourself full and head out for a fun day. Your common sense will probably tell you how this decision lets you burn calories throughout the day, spend very little on extra meals/snacks, feel energetic all day long and, duh, save a lot of unnecessary expenditure while on a budget travel.

Travelling on a budget: Tip 4


This applies to the activities you wanna try out while on your trip. Don’t opt for all of them or most of them simply because you’re there and you need to try it all. Also, don’t repeat the same activity until you’ve given the others on your smart-list a shot. Be selective in what you want to enjoy, because that way you get your experience, have your fun and save money on most holiday trips.

Travelling on a budget: Tip 5


Splurging is a no-no for budget travel. Photographs are more than sufficient to remember your experiences by, because they pack away a lot of emotion, memory-appeal and stories in each shot. Things you buy, for the sake of it or as memorabilia, end up losing their ‘newness’ after a couple of months and your money is wasted in even purchasing them. So act smart while planning a holiday and skip shopping.

Travelling on a budget: Tip 6


This is very important. When you’re on vacation, be sure to expect people who’ll overprice something and append retail-stories to their ‘fixed’ price. It’s all an illusion. You’re the tourist and they know that. Start bargaining and if it doesn’t look like that man/woman is yielding, walk away and go elsewhere. You probably know how this part works and also that it is the best tip to save money.

Travelling on a budget: Tip 7


The word ‘punctuality’ in the case of flight bookings takes on a slightly different meaning. It shifts from booking your tickets ‘on time’ to ‘ahead of time’. Planning a holiday and making flight bookings in advance will aid your budget travel.You’ll avail yourself of cheaper prices and a variety of other choices too.


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