Tips to make your hair grow faster and longer naturally!

Hair is one of the most treasured elements of a woman’s beauty. Every woman wants to have beautiful, long and healthy hair. But due to the variations in chemical content in water, stressed lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and negligence towards the body, hair suffers a lot of damage. It is very important to take care of your hair like any other part of the body for keeping it healthy, long and strong. The most frequently asked question is how can you make your hair grow faster? While many rely on the variety of hair products available in the market, there are better ways.

Beautiful hair

The best answer to making your hair grow longer is by going the natural way. The body is composed of very sensitive natural elements. Any strong product or chemical is bound to have very harsh effect on the hair. By following a few very basic natural tips on hair care, you will be able to restore damaged hair and also find a permanent solution to all your hair care worries. Though hair care products that are available in the market are very appealing and promise to be the best but only when you use them, do you realize their effect on the hair.

Following are a few natural tips to maintain your long tresses:

Eating Right

This is the most valuable tip towards hair care. There are certain foods that contain special nutrients beneficial for the hair. If these are taken in the right proportion in the daily diet, enough nutrition is provided to the hair follicles and roots leading to a faster, healthier hair growth. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian products can be incorporated in the diet based on preferences. Food items that have a high content of proteins, iron, Vitamin B, Vitamin E etc. are the perfect answer to make your hair longer and stronger.

Food for hairFood rich in calories should be avoided. In fact it can be replaced with healthy items like nuts, bananas, strawberries, apricots, yoghurt, soy milk, soy curd etc. Nuts of all kinds provide many different nutrients to the hair. While walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid which retains moisture in the hair, Brazil nuts contain Selenium which solves the problem of how do you make your hair grow faster and stronger. Other nuts like cashews, walnuts, almonds, pecans etc. are high in zinc content and hence help in preventing hair loss.

Other non-vegetarian items include Salmon which is the richest source of iron, Vitamin B-12, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids which contribute to lustrous and moist hair. It also takes care of the scalp. Since protein is essential for healthy hair, poultry items including eggs are also rich sources and an absolutely great solution for non-vegetarians who wonder how do you make your hair grow faster. All these healthy foods retain the moisture of the hair and thus avoid dryness and static effect during cold climate.

For the vegetarians who wonder how do you make your hair grow faster, all green and leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, broccoli etc. are rich sources of iron, calcium, vitamins etc. and help in retaining the natural conditioner of the hair secreted by the sebaceous glands under the scalp. All types of whole grains and cereals also contain zinc, iron and necessary minerals and vitamins. Besides this, drinking lots of water, consuming low fat dairy items and fresh salads of cucumber and carrots contribute a great deal in solving the problem of hair growth.

Internal Hair care

While people may believe that the hair strands visible are the only hair one needs to take care of. Hair actually consists of the visible part above the scalp and the roots, follicles and sebaceous glands situated below the scalp. It is very important to take care of the scalp and the hair follicles to achieve desired results. While foods supply essential nutrients to them, there are few other ways to maintain them. Firstly, hair should be clean all the time. Regular washing and rinsing with a very mild shampoo is essential. However, washing hair everyday or too often may steal the moisture from it.

head massageHair should be exposed to as less heat as possible and hence rinsing hair with only cold water or luke warm water in recommended. For proper blood flow under the scalp, one can flip their hair over a few times daily as it regulates proper blood flow. Apple cider vinegar and water help in removing residue from the scalp. One should rinse the hair with this solution at least once a week. Treating or massaging the scalp with hot oil is one of the best answers to making your hair grow faster and longer.

Oils such as olive, coconut and rosemary or almond provide lot of nourishment to roots. Massaging gently facilitates blood circulation. Hence massaging in circular motions by applying little pressure with the fingers is a good technique which can be done once a week. One can also rinse hair with a solution made by mixing five drops of rosemary oil, three drops of lavender oil, and two drops of sage essential oil in one liter of cold or lukewarm water. This will act natural conditioner as a and make your hair shine.

Hair products

Hair productsWhile these tips are on natural solutions there is no denying the fact that hair products form a part of our lives. One cannot wash hair without a shampoo and due to busy schedules most of us use the conditioners available in the market. Not all hair products are bad. If these are chosen properly, they can really help your hair grow faster. There are hair care products for different hair types available in the market. One can choose options depending on colored, dry, oily or normal hair. Remember to choose only mild shampoos and conditioners.

Deep cleansing properties for oily hair, extra moisture products for dry hair are an appropriate selection. It is also important to avoid excessive styling like perming or curling, hair straightening, frequent coloring, and even blow drying hair. All these cause major damage to hair making it brittle and dull. While conditioners can be used during hair wash, there are leave-in conditioners available in the market which will keep the moisture intact in your hair always. Using this can also be beneficial.


RelaxWith the increase in amount of work pressure, family and emotional pressure, one cannot avoid stress. However taking a lot of stress harms the entire body including your hair. The key is to ease down a bit. Spend some time relaxing, exercising and remember to eat at correct times and the right food and gather enough sleep too. A good night’s sleep helps in secretion of growth hormones which will definitely make your hair grow faster.

Other tips

OverstylingToo much styling and treatment should be avoided to prevent damage to scalp and hair follicles. A few general tips include avoiding split ends in the hair as these tend to stop growth (which is actually a myth) and make hair look dull and shabby. Go for trimmings at least once in 2-3 months. This will help you remove the old lifeless hair while your new hair keeps growing. There are also many DIY hair masks that one can resort to. A simple example of a mask is by mixing one egg yolk with a tablespoon of honey. Apply this for half an hour and then rinse it off to remove it thoroughly. This can be done once a week for effective results. Besides this rinsing hair with rosemary water is also a good idea.

The key is to implement these natural tips if you want to see good results.

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