Tips to Buy Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Come Christmas and the excitement begins to build in the air; the sparkling lights, great food, family get-togethers and of course the gifts. I am sure all of you have started thinking of what gifts to buy and how to begin. No Christmas is complete without giving gifts to your loved ones. Yet, the fact remains that with escalating costs and bills to pay; buying gifts while you are on a budget can be a challenge. All in all, December is an expensive month, so a few handy ideas to minimize costs can be useful.

Christmas Gifts

Here are a few tips for those who want to buy gifts on a limited wallet:

  1. Buy gifts only for those who mean something special in your life. To this end, it is sensible to put down names on a list. Instead of buying too many gifts for too many people, trim your list to those who really deserve one. For example, you may want to buy gifts for your first cousin but are not close to another second cousin whom you hardly see.
  2. Planning what your budget is and how much you can really spare goes a long way in minimizing money-related stresses later on. All shops are beautifully decorated and look welcoming to anyone who wants to spend. But by planning how much you wish to spend, you can curtail unnecessary expenses on gifts while buying what you want. Ad-hoc and random spending often ends up in big bills that will take the next 6 months to repay. Keep aware of how much you are spending.
  3. Ask your children what they want and avoid plying them with too many gifts. Children are notorious for smaller attention spans. The expensive remote controlled airplane may be lying in a corner within 10 days of buying it. Buy things they will really use.
  4. Go shopping by yourself instead of ganging up with a bunch of pals. Research shows that shoppers who go about in groups tend to spend much more than solo shoppers do. Keep your gift list in your bag and keep your eye on the list. It can be a challenge initially but it can be done.
  5. Choose to buy Christmas gifts online. Online shopping is often more affordable because the online stores have lower overhead costs to meet. The other plus about them is that you can browse for online Christmas gifts at your leisure without getting stuck in the overcrowded stores and shops during Christmas rush.
  6. If you have the time, you can also create your own gift buckets or baskets by assorting various things that friends and family appreciate. For instance, if an aunt loves cosmetics – buy a lip gloss, press powder, eye shadows and so on separately and neatly pack them in those tiny gift bags. They look cute and thoughtful too.
  7. Another great idea is to gift books. Whether it is kids or adults, books are loved by all. The latest trend is of eBooks which are sometimes even cheaper than the hard bound books and sometimes available even for free downloads. What else can be more budget friendly? You can also get cookery books for friends and family who enjoy cooking or craft books for those who love crocheting or other crafts.
  8. There are many hidden talents that we all possess. Homemade sauces, jams or pickles are also fantastic gift items. Fill them in attractive jars and tie festive ribbons before you gift them. Your friends will be in complete awe. Same applies for those of you who make scented candles or decorative candle holders or lamps at home. These are budget friendly gifts and also make the receiver feel special as they have a personal touch.
  9. Fridge magnets, vintage or funny posters, set of attractive offbeat coasters, shot glasses etc. also make great gift items. These are not very expensive and can be used in every household.
  10. Try shopping in advance. While there are a lot of Christmas sales all across the city, they may not always get you the best deals. Go to small stores and check out if they have items on your list. Chances are that you may land up with your favorite item at a much lower price.

Budget Gifts

A meaningful and enjoyable Christmas does not mean having to splash valuable money that you really cannot afford. It is quite possible to celebrate the season without going overboard. After all it is the feelings of gratitude and love that matter and not the value of gifts.

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  2. The 8 th point was really good, home madejams, sauces or pickles,, yes that would really mean a lot .. nice one

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