Tips on Buying Wedding Suits for Men

Let me be honest guys, we all know the weddings are all about her. Her mom picks up the venue, she decides upon that exotic honeymoon locale and the silly girl even chooses you as the groom. :P Even if the skies fall down on your wedding day or maybe if all the bridesmaids decide to show up drunk, the guests will only look back and think about that dress. So, what do you (men) do to show people that you are not little Ken dolls and that you do have a say (at least until you say “I do”). Well, you can select the music, stock up the bars and most importantly “dress well” and share the limelight with her.

Well cut suit

As soon as the wedding date is decided, boy, pull up your socks and start delving around all the malls and shopping arcades you know of. The sooner you begin, the lesser are the chances of you showing up like a douche bag on your own wedding. Don’t just treat it as any other day. You get married only once and you definitely don’t want to look like every other guest that day.

FabricFabric:  If you are getting married under the blissful sun, then make sure you have bought yourself a light linen shirt and if you plan your wedding in winters then you may go for woolen or cashmere fabrics. Comfort and style should go hand in hand for the grooms. In fact most men hate being in uncomfortable clothes.  You should go for a suit that enhances your personality and gives you breathing space as well. You don’t want to attend your own wedding uncomfortable in a packed suit.

Color: While choosing the color of your suit, go with a shade that looks good on your skin tone. Don’t just buy it because the seller tells you that the particular color or pattern is in trend. You might even show a little love for your bride out here by wearing a color that matches with her wedding gown.  Though the most popular colors for men’s suit are white, grey and black, you have your own choice here. You may decide to go with the flow or choose to break the monotony by wearing a shade of your own. If not in the suit, then probably you might want to wear a colored shirt with the traditional suit.

Wedding suits

Fitting and Pattern: It’s also important that you try your suit well in advance of the wedding day. There should be ample of time left for alterations if you want any. Make sure your jacket doesn’t hang around your shoulders and that your style and cuts are trendy. Also, while choosing the suit opt for a pattern or design that is wearable post wedding too. Don’t end up buying suits with lots of bling and jazz as you can neither wear them at office nor at a party. So it is best to make a sensible investment.

There should be no compromise; your bride would want to flaunt you and so look your best. Weddings are to be cherished; yours should be memorable as well.

Image Credits: Hangrr, Jack Bunneys, Vaish at Rivoli

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