The Summer Sting–Tips to beat the heat


Well, it’s starting to get real hot down here in Chennai, where I live. Throw in the routine 2-hour power cut that happens every day plus the sultry heat and there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. Indian heat, in general, can be a real pain.

It brings out more sweat and oil content from the skin, meaning you have increased chance of feeling dirty (and not in the good sense of the word!) and getting pimples, which is the worst case scenario, from a build-up of bacteria in that sweat-oil swamp…

  • There’s the terrible decision to use all the wrong soaps which makes your skin go even dryer and, over time, look all wrinkled, feel all leathery and not appealing in the least…
  • Throw in some scalp-itching from the heat of the sun that slaps on your head more often than you may like…

… and you have a recipe for personal-grooming disaster.


  • And put into practice that last point which will be detailed after the following is done.

Here’s to do it right this summer:-


The Pimpler Effect

Remember that sweat-oil swamp that tends to form on your face during the summer? If you don’t then you need to learn to read better, I just mentioned it up there, at the very start. Now that you’ve probably gotten your bearings, note this fact down…

Face-washes are great to keep the Pimpler Effect at bay. They have mild chemicals that don’t dry out your relatively more sensitive facial skin. They get rid of oil and dirt while not drying your skin up as if you’re some sort of exotic animal whose leather needs tanning! Use face-washes only when you feel oil build-up on your skin and neck. Otherwise, you’re only wasting your time and that face-wash lotion’s time as well.

Don’t Dry Up

If you’ve started assuming that two or three baths a day is good for you, you’re wrong. In fact by bathing more than once (sorry to all you cleanies out there) you rub off the good bacteria on your skin as well. Your body starts to get less and less immune to the harmful bacteria constantly restyling itself, especially during summer and winter months.

Your immune system grows weaker because there’s nothing for it to work with, what with all your bathing all the time! You’ll know this when you fall sick more often than you can understand let alone tolerate. When you bathe, preferably once a day, use the right kinda soap. If you ever feel your skin all stretched tight after a simple bath, that’s the wrong soap you’re using, right there.

Dudes, don’t opt for Dove, coz it’s a lot like a cream and leaves a funny feeling and besides, it works best only on women! Try out other brands and stick to the one that works for you.

summer bath

Itchy Head

This section is very similar to the soap-section above, so I’m not gonna bore you with the same old spiel. Instead, I’ll give you some alterations from last time. Yeah, advertisements these days can’t be trusted. They say ‘no breakage’, ‘goodbye dandruff’ and plenty of other fluff, which is why sometimes you gotta use that classic trial-and-error approach. Buy a few shampoos that you feel address your problem. Use them accordingly, without over-doing it, and see which one works best.

Apply them once every four or five days, not less at all. That’s coz your scalp produces natural oil that helps prevent breakage and hairfall much better than any shampoo but they feel icky and start to stink so you gotta head-wash sometime. Letting that oil develop is good so don’t constantly shampoo every day.


That Last Point You’re So Eager To Read

Water. Drink plenty of it and drink it often. Don’t gulp half the bottle down, because when you drink water too fast it leads to water intoxication. That’s when your cells and tissues start getting swollen due too much fluid. You may also see Hyponatremia, which is sodium in your system being diluted due excess water intake.

Here’s the scientific fact: Extra water outside your cells draws sodium from within your cells in an attempt to balance the extra-cellular sodium concentration flowing all over the place because you gulped down too much water at one time. This imbalance, however, can cause further swelling and damage. Drink lots of water, slowly and simply, and see that you down at least a medium-sized bottle a day (of good old-fashion water, mind you). It helps keep you cool, internally moisturized and ready to face summer head on.


Image Credit: katerha, Free Digital Photos.

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