The GR8 Eight Tips on How to Simplify Your Life

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop; this saying holds a deep embedded meaning. Keeping your mind focused in the right direction is the key to simplify life in all aspects.

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Let’s accept it that we all have time-honored the urban lifestyle and this culture is full of stress. It becomes very essential to plan your day in a way where you can minimize tension, stress and anxiety and give way to more productivity, less strain and happy mind. A day well spent is what everybody wants when the sunset’s down. There are few tips one can easily follow every day.

1. Need for morning and evening routine

Create a routine where you spend time with yourself in the mornings and evenings like walking, jogging, exercising, swimming or some other outdoor activity. This will help you to start and end your day in a relaxed fresh manner and simplify life.

2. Time Management

A day has just 24 hours and there is no way to stretch yourself any further. To decrease your anxiety and stress levels it’s beneficial to manage your time in a more planned and constructive way.

3. Keep To-Do List

Making a task priority always helps, start your work with the one which needs your immediate attention and so on and so forth. This will help you in planning your productive hours in a more productive way to simplify life.

4. Take regular intervals

Your body and mind needs break at regular intervals to re-vitalize it, hence after every two hours take a break drink some water, move around and then start again. Keeping a tap of your lunch timings and snacks will avoid acidity, back aches and simplify life.

5. Divide big projects into smaller tasks

There are time-lines in the work place which one has to meet and it is advisable to divide the big projects into smaller tasks making it possible to finish them on time without getting perplexed.

6. Saying NO is not difficult

Learning to say NO becomes very important when you have too much to do on your task list. You might not be able to meet all deadlines and meet all requirements at all times, hence if you will say NO to some things then possibly it becomes easy to simplify life.

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7. Keep a Balance between Work and Family

Giving importance to your work is important but it’s also essential to give quality time to your family. If you face often complaints from your spouse and not able to devote enough time to her, there is bound to be matrimonial disharmony amongst the two of you.

8. Focus to inculcate good habits

To simplify life it is essential to focus on one task at one time and inculcate good habits amongst all the family members. This practice will go a long way and once when any good habit takes a place in your day today life it becomes easy incorporating it even on a busy day.

In a healthy body resides a healthy mind which is the nucleus of all good things which can happen in your life. So take a little effort and make your Oh-so-complicated-life simple.

Image Credit: teamstickergiant, Free Digital Photos.


  1. Good one Bhakti . I would add one more. Give some time yoga and meditation or do bhakti which relieves stress in this fast paced pressurized life .

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  2. Nice inspiring tips. Life has many dimensions and it needs to be balanced.

  3. great tips, I agree. We need to give time to ourselves and take break.. We’re not machines and shudnt push ourselves too much. And most importantly, we need to say NO every once in a while

  4. Great tips, 8 tips are quite simple while reading but its hard to execute. One should have the control and dedication to execute these great 8 tips…


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