The Bald and the Bellyful

Everybody who’s anybody has seen at least one person who they think deserves to be called a hot chick or a handsome dude. Have you noticed how they look great in anything they wear? Well, that’s because they have the face and/or body to help with their fashion statement.

Leaving women for another day, let’s see what men can do about looking their best when the mirror says otherwise. Again, leaving all the topics available under this extensive field, let’s focus on fashion for two particular types of men. Those who have what they hate to call a paunch, and those having trouble with a hairline that seems to have turned miser.

Getting into the right clothes is the key to making a fashion statement. While that coat looked great on George Clooney, it may look totally ridiculous on you. This brings us to an important two-worder: never compare.

If you do, you could well fall into the phrase, ‘One man’s coat is another man’s love life going up in flames’! Moving on from that corny truth (!) let’s see what you can do…

If you have a paunch:

Zip It Up

Don’t try pulling it in. have you succeeded in holding your breath for an hour? If your answer’s no, chances are you won’t be able to hold your paunch in for that long either, which is typically how long you may be at an event trying to look your best but giving your host the impression that the food has constipated you.

Instead go shopping a week before and try on different coats and jackets. This is the single most important shaping attire for any well-groomed man. As such, choose keeping three things in mind: color, design and another person’s eyes on the mirror.

Let’s slow down a bit here. What does a coat or jacket really do to help keep your paunch hidden? After all, you are going to unbutton it sometime or even remove it altogether when dining. First off, it cuts the way your body is viewed.

Whether you’ve unbuttoned it or just have it slung over an arm, you give people a subconscious kick to images of other men they saw wearing coats and they unintentionally start finding ways to think you don’t have a paunch. Not only that, but stronger evidence takes the form of how people take in ‘all of you’ when they see you in that ideal coat.

This is where color, design and another’s opinion help when you shop. Get a color that doesn’t make you look odd in the slightest. That’s as simple as ‘color coding’ is gonna get. As for the design, you may find ten that you like, out of which five will be suitable, out of which only two will look great on your body. This ‘design issue’ brings us to the third point: another’s opinion.

It’s always a great idea to ask a woman what she thinks, because they have this instinctual ‘feel’ towards a man wearing a certain type of coat. Tapping into such a subtle but powerful gift can really help save you time, cash and humiliation.

What about pants for a man with a paunch? Wear something that doesn’t taper at the ankles. Most men think it gives them that Jeff Bridges ‘wild west’ look, or even a tough military appeal, when they wear jeans or formals that close up at the ankles. Well, news flash, it makes you look shorter and your paunch never looked bigger! Wearing straight-falling (preferably with a thin vertically striped pattern) pants add length, elegance and slimness to your legs, thighs and hips, taking attention away from your paunch.

What about shoes and belts? Don’t jump into footwear that has thick ‘dominator’ heels. It only adds to the fact that you’re trying to appear taller, leading people to find fault and therefore land their eyes on how ‘full’ your belly is. As long as you keep your belt affixed just right, without deliberately tightening it, you’re all set.

Last word: An ideal coat or jacket, elegant non-tapering pants (maybe with a thin vertically striped pattern), normal non-freaky shoes and a belt that doesn’t look like its strangling you.

If you have balding issues:

Bald ManI’m sorry, guys, if you feel this section just isn’t as wholesome as the previous one, but if you have a receding hairline, don’t hide it. That’s one direct piece of advice you need to hear sometime. Whether it’s the wind or an itch or whatever, you’re bound to show off your brush with baldness to the world. Best thing you can do is accentuate it!

Studies show that there are many hot women out there who find bald or semi-bald men really sexy. Such men possess a certain masculinity, mystery, sense of danger and charm.

The best fashion to focus on for men who fall into this category is bold coloring without gaudiness. Like when you go for burgundy or jungle green, great, but don’t pick up the lollipop red or the bright ‘slimy-stuff’ green. Such annoyingly pain-in-the-eye colors makes your baldness stand out, and not in the sexy way mentioned earlier.

There’s nothing a great pair of non-tapering jeans can’t do for a man going through baldness. It imparts an aura of rough-and-ruggedness that most full-haired men can’t mimic even if they tried.

Last word: Wear darker-hued attire that exudes boldness, don’t opt for flash, get yourself a nice pair of non-tapering jeans and you’re all set to turn what you thought was a ‘bald issue’ into a chick magnet.

Image Credit: Fashion For Men, Free Digital Photos

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