Teeth Whitening With Banana Peels


Whitening Teeth

What’s It All About?

They’re great in desserts, a must-have in any fruit salad and what most people may not know is they’re great for teeth whitening too. Where the fruit itself has found high praise for its potassium and other nutritive elements like manganese and magnesium the peel packs some magic away as well. In addition to having those very elements in it the peel, though not exactly the top choice for eating, can be extremely useful in other ways. Food for thought before throwing them out, huh?

By removing stains these peels consequently whiten your teeth. This makes banana peels one of the best au natural teeth whiteners out there. The steps you’re about to read have been proven to work unless your teeth demand an actual dentist’s touch due the severity of staining.

Step 1: Get a ripe banana. The yellower the better. If you see small amounts of green here and there, that’s okay, as long as there isn’t too much to render the fruit unripe. Why are you doing this, you ask? Because yellow banana peels contain optimum levels of potassium, which is the big-boy behind the teeth whitening process you’re going to implement.

Step 2: Peeling this banana is going to take some patience, because to just rip-and-go isn’t all too helpful when the next step comes along. Peel it neatly, top to down, with no mashing and unwanted loss of peel. The neater you get the peel away from the fruit the more you have to work with for your teeth. As weird as this step may sound, it’s quite important on a lot of levels, so stop scoffing and focus. :P

Step 3: Take a really sharp kitchen knife and cut the peels into sections. Let these sections be square in shape, it helps with the application step. This step is best left to your imagination, just be careful with the knife.

Banana peels

Step 4: Once you have sufficient banana peel squares start applying one square per two teeth or however your feel is good, as long as all your teeth get ample exposure and rub-value from the peels you have at hand. Keep the application process going, covering all the angles, from the inside-back, molar-tops, outer-sides, the whole toothy mess of it all! The reason you’re keeping the application going is so the minerals from the peels get absorbed onto the enamel of your teeth and helps promote whitening.

Step 5: Get your brush and paste out, spend at least 15 minutes doing your thing. Don’t rinse before this step, though. Leave the peel-touches where they are, just get to brushing with a goodly amount of paste. Cover all angles, as mentioned before. Be gentle, don’t scrape like you have barnacles all over the inside of your mouth.

Final Touches

Needless to say you gotta rinse and whatever afterward. Then, take a deep breath, and grin into the mirror. No, you won’t be blinded by a flash of white nor will you swoon at the sight of a more dapper you. Your teeth will be visibly whiter. Isn’t that the main aim of it all?

Perform this method once per day (and once per week), because bananas and their peels contain a lot of natural sugar and you don’t want too much of that in you.

Added Bonuses

Depending on the level of staining, gather advice on how much to indulge the peel-whitening process. You can see massive difference and whiter teeth than you could have expected using more expensive means. So, bonus one is you save tons of cash and effort.

Even your gums benefit from the whole thing, because in addition to whatever was mentioned earlier about banana peels they also contain calcium and vitamin D. Great news is this latest duo also helps with whitening. This is getting really cool, isn’t it? And, yeah, that’s bonus two.

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