Taming your Pet – Dog training tips


Dogs are very active and intelligent animals and learn quickly according to their own pace. Every breed of dog has its own talent however it is up to the owner how they make their dog a balanced and well-behaved pet.

Love your dogDogs don’t learn behavioral skills by birth; just like human beings even dogs have the need to be taught though for some actions dogs may behave intuitively when they sense their owner is in danger; however they should still need to be trained so that it makes life simple for you as well as for them. One should train dogs at least the basic commands to obey their owner. They are generally very active and should be kept busy by involving them in one task or the other and that is the best way to handle them.

Keeping them active will reduce their aggressiveness or loneliness in no time and in doing so the rapport between you and your increases. For a dog to be happy; it needs love, care and affection and all these can be achieved only when the dog trusts and understands you.

Here are few dog training tips which will come handy:

Training your pet

  • Dog training should begin from a very early age. The earlier the better and hence start training your puppy at the initial stage of six weeks. You have maximum time limit of 14 weeks to teach your puppy everything during this span. Once you teach the basic foundation tasks; the remaining difficult tasks can be easily taught even after the 14th week because by this time your puppy has learnt and is accustomed to your lifestyle. It begins to trust you completely.
  • Before you begin with the training; learn the proper technique. If required go through certain dog training books to get an idea on dog training. This will help you to teach your dog easily and in simple ways.
  • When teaching your dog; try to implement whatever you taught in the daily routine frequently till your dog gets used to the command. The more repetition the better it will be for the dog to remember. In this process; consistence is the key. It requires consistent teaching and repeating.
  • Maintain a time slot in your day for training and train your dog at that time every day. Try not to take breaks in between the days till all the commands and tasks are learnt because that way the dog will know its training time and as time passes it will look forward for the training. When the dog is inquisitive to learn; they learn faster.
  • However; if you are not feeling well or stressed out then don’t train your dog that day because you may lose your patience and that is not good for dog. The best way to train your dog is when you are happy and feel fresh and fit. After all they are just like your kids and an important part of the family.
  • Dogs enjoy when training is fun and exciting. They are not human beings to learn things seriously. Amalgamate teaching and fun and make the session positive. Positive reinforcement like praise, hugs and treats are the best way to train a dog as it slowly trusts you and a great bond is formed. On the other hand negative reinforcement like punishment will make your dog aggressive and disobedient. When your dog does a task correctly; praise him or give him his favorite treat if the job is too good.
  • The training sessions should be short. Keep training for 15 minutes and also include a playtime. A short game followed by some training and again a game will help your dog to stay focused. Your dog should not be forced; it should get trained by its own will and not because you want it to or because of your fear. Teach in short duration but consistently for the days followed; this will repeat the task and will become easy for the dog to learn. Aim at one task at a time till your dog is completely trained in a specific task.

Different breeds of dogs require different training. Some breeds learn quickly whereas others may take time. So be patient and train them consistently.

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