Restaurant Review – Evviva Sky Lounge, Pune


  Courtyard by Marriott needs no introduction to anyone who has even the slightest knowledge about the hotel industry. Of all the options, namely, Vivanta by Taj, Radisson Blu and so on, Umesh (my darling hubby) chose Courtyard by Marriott to take me to for my surprise birthday dinner. Though Vivanta by Taj was close […]

A Birthday Present For Bhakti


  It all began with a single goal, to craft that ideal present for a friend who may not like it at all. The fact that she’s a married woman (to a Defence Officer, no less) made it that much harder to find something that will suit this smart, outgoing, witty and rather selective lady […]

7 Simple Surprise Ideas This Valentine’s Day


If you’ve read this post’s cousin, ‘How To Surprise Your Valentine’, know that this one is kinda different, meaning you’ll find a couple clichés and a bunch of probably new ideas. What you need to realize is that the simple surprise ideas that follow are just that, simple. So keep your hopes moderate and, most […]

Planning a Surprise this Valentine


You’ve gotta hand it to women, they have progressive taste. What does that mean? It’s difficult to find surprise ideas for her? No. Actually, I didn’t get it at first either. It means women have this amazing way of appreciating something that comes with a meaning. Guys aren’t bad or something just ‘coz they don’t […]