How To Maintain Your Hairstyle Throughout The Day


  There are simple ways and there are complex ones. One idea says you just shave off your hair and you’ll never really have to worry about maintaining a style to begin with. As clever and practical as that sounds it isn’t too cool for most men who have hair, like having it and transforming […]

Hair care regimen–Treating dry Scalp


  We usually relate hair care to taking care of the strands of hair that are visible. What most of us don’t realize is that the strands are actually lifeless and it is the follicles which provide the required nutrients for hair growth. Even the glands located below the scalp help in preventing any problems […]

2013’s Top hairstyles for men–part 2


  Are you wondering that Part 1 exhausted all the hairstyles ever available for men to try out. Well you were wrong. You will be spilt for choices after going through 10 more different hairstyles for men. Take a look:

2013’s top 13 Hairstyles for Men–Part 1


 Gentlemen, Style Your Hair The sheer variety out there in hairstyles is stunning. Of course, choosing the ones that suit your personal style, fashion sense, physique, face-shape and other factors is a whole different game. It’s why I collated this bunch of hairstyle varieties so you can get an idea of what to adopt, whether […]

Hair Power


Ladies, listen very carefully. To take a point from Oprah’s Last-Ever Makeover Extravaganza, there’s this hair-smart guy named Orlando. Here’s what he shared. “If you’ve got the same haircut three or four times, it’s time to start changing it up a little bit. After all, hair is your best accessory, and you wear it every […]

Tips to make your hair grow faster and longer naturally!


Hair is one of the most treasured elements of a woman’s beauty. Every woman wants to have beautiful, long and healthy hair. But due to the variations in chemical content in water, stressed lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and negligence towards the body, hair suffers a lot of damage. It is very important to take care […]

From Normal To Wild — My Hair Straightening Story


When Sunsilk announced it’s contest on Indiblogger, I was so eager to submit an entry. This is the first time I am sending my entry for any contest. Since they wanted the weirdest and whackiest of story which I could call my hair story, here it is” “I used to be someone who felt my […]

Get Bold – Short Hair Trends – 2012


Ladies, Ladies and Ladies..This is a post for those of you who have been planning to feel free and fresh with a new look. Hair does define our face and personality. A fab haircut sets your mood right for the day and keeps you blushing for weeks as you receive compliments. The party season is […]