Ridiculous Things People Search On Google


  The Internet is an awesome place. You can call it a whole new dimension and you won’t stray from the point. As with all vast dimensions, there are bound to be life-forms that are downright ridiculous. Obviously, the actual identity of the people who typed these crazy searches isn’t known but you sure can […]

Google Nexus 4 review–The “living with” experience


  So here I am, continuing from where I left off. Well its been four days and I haven’t got enough of my Google Nexus 4. There is so much you can do with this beast that a popular forum on android development xda developers is already overflowing with threads on various tweaks and enhancements […]

Voice Guided GPS Navigation for Google Maps in India


Google India through their official YouTube page have hinted today that they will very soon be launching  Turn-by-Turn voice guided navigation for their Google Maps App for Android phones in India. This has come as a bonus for India as this feature is available in only very limited countries. The service hasn’t gone up yet, […]