Know your glasses


  What sets the mood for a cocktail evening? Ambience, people..nah! I’d say the glittering stylish glasses. While it is nice to know your drinks and the cocktail combos, its quintessential to know your glasses. You don’t want to serve whiskey in a beer mug is it?

What To Know When You’re Invading A French Restaurant– French dining etiquette


  One of the first things you’ll say to yourself on entering a French restaurant (restaurant français), be it anywhere in the world, is ‘this place is way different from the rest of them’ and you won’t be far from the truth. French eateries have their own style of cuisine which in itself varies. They […]

Restaurant Review – Evviva Sky Lounge, Pune


  Courtyard by Marriott needs no introduction to anyone who has even the slightest knowledge about the hotel industry. Of all the options, namely, Vivanta by Taj, Radisson Blu and so on, Umesh (my darling hubby) chose Courtyard by Marriott to take me to for my surprise birthday dinner. Though Vivanta by Taj was close […]

Race To The Pani Puri Finish Line


Funny, what something as simple as a craving for an ideal snack can do to someone when that craving decides to act up. Most people out there assume such a thing stands on the borders of immaturity. Some others hold that it makes more sense than most. Let’s consider a real-life event where one woman […]

Etiquette For Elegance


If you have sloppy table manners, you’ll never know. It’s the unfortunate person sitting with you who will, and God forbid it’s a beautiful woman. Just so you know, when they said some women like it dirty, they didn’t mean the way you eat in public. When you hone your table or dining etiquette, elegance […]

Restaurant Review – Bohemian, Pune


Last night was special. Mr. H had planned a surprise for me. He has his exams going on and this was definitely least expected. But then, I was floored. What was the surprise? Candle light dinner at Bohemian. After a few drinks at home, we proceeded for dinner. We prefer enjoying drinks at home as […]