Popsicle on a plate – Flavored Ice Dessert


Popularly known as GOLA or CHUSKI across India, this dessert can be a close cousin of the popsicle. The only difference is that the latter is flavored water set to freeze while a Gola is flavored crushed ice.

Slice Of Life — Part 3


  This last part in our Slice Of Life trilogy is sure to make your mouth water and your mind plan ways on getting to the slices you read about here. Sometimes the best things in life do come in small sizes, or should I say slices.

Slice Of Life—Part 1


  Have you noticed how sometimes food served in slices turns absolutely desirable? Agreed, a full plate is just as inviting as a small piece of food taken from a larger source. But, as they say, it’s the little things in life that matter and where food slices are concerned, there’s this added sense of […]

My Signature Dish – Rasmalai


By far, the best dish I have adapted is the Rasmalai. Mr.H and I have tasted Rasmalai at many different places and so I thought of recreating it at home one day. The first compliment I received the moment my from him was “Baba Maganlal”. Hilarious. This is because the best Rasmalai he had ever […]

My Favorite Coconut Macaroons – the Eggless version


After a long time, I picked up my favorite ingredient for desserts- Condensed Milk. Also, as mentioned earlier, I dislike using eggs in my baked treats. So this recipe was a sure shot in my list. To top it all, it is so simple to make (prep time 5 minutes!) that you can make even […]