Facing The Monsoons – Arm Your Home This Rainy Season


  It’s an obvious thought and more than a logical idea. The rains take it out on not just a home’s exterior but its insides as well. That’s something weather has an annoying tendency to accomplish. Here’s how you can prepare your home for the monsoon season.

Go Metal On Your Walls


  There’s so much you can do to spruce up your home with some well-chosen metal décor. This in no way refers to the music genre after the same name, but with showpieces and decoration items made of metal or a combination of metal and something else. First off, keep in mind that when you […]

Decal-Décor Made Doable


  Before you look up the meaning, here it is: A design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface. You’re probably thinking it’s hard, will take too much time and has a huge risk of going wrong. Well, the reality is actually quite different, meaning you can use decals to make any space […]

Simplest Trick to Change the Way your Kitchen Looks


Lately, I have been very impressed with the different ways to decorate a kitchen. Everyone wishes to have a home that has an excellent décor. When it comes to home décor, it is assumed that the living room needs to be decked up. Some may even pay attention to the bedroom and dining area and […]

Easy Ideas to Place your Wall Art


A barren home wall is always an eye sore and does not provide any pleasurable experience to the inmates. The very heart of a home lies in its interiors and a well designed and executed interior is appealing in every aspect.  Decorated walls add to the aesthetic appeal of any home interior and when decorated […]

Bring the Festivities In: Decorating the Dinner Table


If not for the glorious decorations, how can you or I tell if it is festive season? Yes, decorations are a huge part of it and they are the ones who are responsible for bring the spirit of festivity into the air and fill the days with hope and joy. Decorations are so integral to […]

Basic Bathroom Design ideas for Small Bathrooms


I am generally on a move every two years and have to accommodate myself in pre-allocated houses. At times, the houses are beautiful, spacious and modern but usually we end up living in a relatively small house that needs lots of maintenance. The bathrooms especially, can be much better. So whenever I travel and stay […]