10 Natural Ways to lower High Blood Pressure


  From housewives to students, young as well as old, and businessmen included too so many people are coming down with high blood pressure. It’s become a common household term now where mom asks for medicines to counter this affliction or dad requests it from the nearest pharmacy to be home delivered.

Medical Magic Through Stem Cells


  This is our official entry post for the Apollo Modern Day Healthcare contest on Indiblogger.   Changing the face of medicine as we know it, stem cells have come along, ready to transform the way human beings live their lives. Hard facts, painstaking research and plenty of smart ideas have made it possible for […]

All you need to know about Curing Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain is something which all of us have experienced.  We continue to experience it at different times during the day and week. Perhaps the simplest of questions that we need to ask about back pain is – how does it happen? What are its causes? Why is it so widespread? The reason for […]

Cure for the Top 3 Problems of an Individual’s Life


If someone asks you about the top 3 problems of an individual’s life in general what would you reply to this? Well I am sure all your answers will have a relation to 3 basic root causes which include: Fear, Procrastination and Bad Health! Leap over it and see is it not true? Fear – […]