book Review – The Lord of the Rings Book 1


  The Fellowship of the Ring – Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Book Review – The Amulet of Samarkand


Book 1 of the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud

Book Review–Inferno by dan brown


  A few gasps, a couple of goosebump-moments and plenty of continuous wide eyed reading have seen me through this superb Robert Langdon novel penned by ‘da man’ himself. Dan Brown has indeed courted his fair share of conspiracy, if not more, but that apparently hasn’t stopped Mr. Brown from doing it again, this time […]

Book Review – Saving Faith by David Baldacci


  I must admit an obvious point, that I make plenty of mistakes. No, no, this isn’t a retraction of some sort, rather a revelation. Just a few days ago, I thought David Baldacci wrote quaint books, old fashioned in their plotlines yet charming but not as thrilling as some of the modern big-names. How […]

Book Review – Bloodline by James Rollins


  Continuing in the fine tradition of his mega-bestselling Sigma series with protagonist Commander Grayson Pierce playing his fictional roles to stunning perfection, James Rollins has maintained his gold standard in this latest novel in the installment.

How To Begin Writing Your Story–Part 1


  How To Begin ‘Chapter 1′ There are myriad ways to get an idea on paper, whether you’ve settled on a short story, poem, novel or anything else. However, all those myriad ways begin with one word, the first… with one line, the first sentence… with one paragraph, and so on. To end up big, […]

Introducing “A Chance for Darkness”


  I am super thrilled to introduce my co-author and very dear friend Joshua Mercott as an up and coming author. I know him as an avid reader and now he’s taking a leap (a major one) in the world of literature with his first novel “A Chance for Darkness”. So Joshua, I know in […]

10 Amazing Bookshelf Ideas For Your Home


  Reading—a relatively new skill in human history—has been well received the world over, exploding into an awesome fireworks show of dazzling proportions. Books add meaning, sophistication, mystery, respect and allure just seeing them on the shelf of someone’s home, whether or not that someone reads ‘em at all. Using that ‘look’ and making it […]