Book Review – Saving Faith by David Baldacci


  I must admit an obvious point, that I make plenty of mistakes. No, no, this isn’t a retraction of some sort, rather a revelation. Just a few days ago, I thought David Baldacci wrote quaint books, old fashioned in their plotlines yet charming but not as thrilling as some of the modern big-names. How […]

Book Review – Bloodline by James Rollins


  Continuing in the fine tradition of his mega-bestselling Sigma series with protagonist Commander Grayson Pierce playing his fictional roles to stunning perfection, James Rollins has maintained his gold standard in this latest novel in the installment.

The Secret—A Non-Fiction Book Review


  When Rhonda Byrnes sat down to pen her ideas into one comprehensive, well laid out and beautifully written set of real-life lessons, she probably didn’t have ‘bestsellership’ in mind. The Secret doesn’t just open chance-doors or opportunity-windows, it opens your mind to something awesome out there in our world. It teaches you an age-old […]

James Rollins — Sandstorm


As far as Action-Adventure writers go, there have been so many of them, men as well as women, who deserve to be called awesome. But one man stands out in that crowd and his name is James Rollins. There are plenty of works attributed to him, but seeing as how this is a one-book review, […]