Rendezvous With Destiny – Travelogue Of My Trip To Goa


  It all started with a contest on Twitter by ABC Farms which I wasn’t even sure I’d win. But guess what, I did indeed win. The prize: a 3-day stay in Goa. WOOT! I was thrilled to the core. We were planning a December Goa trip anyway and then this came up. Talk about […]

We Are Going to IBIZA


  Ibiza is a well-known island for its magnificent stretches of nice beaches all around. The lively Island brags of more than fifty beautiful beaches which have outstanding beach facilities. A typical beach has diverse water sports. They include clear blue waters, fine golden sand which adds up to over 30 miles of stunning coastline.

How To Throw A Budget Beach Party


  The rupee is hitting a low while the party mood is ever-growing. Such a weird summer situation opens many other doors, a budget beach party being one. How do you throw an inexpensive one while still making the most of it? Here’s how…

No Equipment Workout for the Perfect Beach Body


Now this is something every girl wants. I hope I am right ladies. Flaunting a curvaceous figure and oozing out elegance is the dream of every girl. But you don’t get it easily friends! Attaining a perfect bikini body is the result of stringent workout plans and true dedication. Once attained, a girl can show […]