How To Throw A Budget Beach Party


  The rupee is hitting a low while the party mood is ever-growing. Such a weird summer situation opens many other doors, a budget beach party being one. How do you throw an inexpensive one while still making the most of it? Here’s how…

How To Live A Fun Life—Part 1


  It will be pretty hypocritical, not to mention clichéd, of me to give advice on how to live a happy life, because there are thousands, if not kazillions, of factors that determine such a thing. Instead, I’ve done some simple research that’s revealed some practical ideas that actual human people confirm has worked for […]

Race To The Pani Puri Finish Line


Funny, what something as simple as a craving for an ideal snack can do to someone when that craving decides to act up. Most people out there assume such a thing stands on the borders of immaturity. Some others hold that it makes more sense than most. Let’s consider a real-life event where one woman […]

The GR8 Eight Tips on How to Simplify Your Life


An empty mind is a devil’s workshop; this saying holds a deep embedded meaning. Keeping your mind focused in the right direction is the key to simplify life in all aspects. Let’s accept it that we all have time-honored the urban lifestyle and this culture is full of stress. It becomes very essential to plan […]

Staying Happy – Key to cope with Stress


De-Stress from Distress! Stress and Distress – These may sound similar but mean quite different. While the former means tension, nervousness, anxiety or pressure; the latter means suffering, feeling miserable or tortured. Now do you realize the difference? What happens is that most of us let distress piggyback with stress into our lives. The result […]